I Want Love to Dissolve on the Ski Slope - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 Ice Blue

Music By: Various
Record Label: Victor Entertainment

Running Time: 54:48 Discs: 1
Release: December 1995 CD Number: VICL-8175
This 1995 CD from Victor Entertainment for the movie Ice Blue plays out more like a typical album release than an "original soundtrack." What this means is that the listener can expect a disc where a new artist weighs in on each track, often doing vocal recordings. In fact, only two tracks here aren't songs, which are "Cut Back" and "Ice Blue", neither of which is memorable in the least. The odd thing about this particular soundtrack, though, is the heavy use of classic American and British songs redone by other artists. This includes "Lay, Lady, Lay", "Turn! Turn! Turn!", "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" "Yesterday Yes a Day" and "I Feel the Earth Move". Of these re-recordings, Watauchi Katsuyuki's "Turn! Turn! Turn!" tends to fare the best and is a pretty enjoyable track, as is Thriller U's version of Bob Dylan's "Lay, Lady, Lay". Unfortunately, the original music on this disc doesn't hold up nearly as well as the remakes of the classic songs. To be fair, the first track, and title song, done Hirose Kohmi is enjoyable if one is into Japanese pop. Sadly the other songs just aren't that good, especially the Brand New Monkeys' rap song, found on track 9, which is simply hard to endure. Overall, this disc is pretty hard to suggest, and it's not surprising that it clutters up Japanese auction sites as people continue to dump it into the resale market.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. I Want Love to Dissolve on the Ski Slope
    By: Hirose Kohmi
  2. Cut Back (Wave Tearing)
    By: The Surf Coasters
  3. HAB'IT
    By: The Mad Capsule Market's
  4. Lay, Lady, Lay
    By: Thriller U
  5. Horizon
    By: UA
  6. Eternal Friend
    By: Kyoko Koizumi
  7. Turn! Turn! Turn!
    By: Watauchi Katsuyuki
  8. Have You Ever Seen the Rain
    By: Joan Jett
  9. Quick Imitation Respectfully Yours Laos
    By: Brand New Monkeys
  10. To Hear the Love Chime
    By: Vanilla/8
  11. Yesterday Yes a Day
    By: Maléfices
  12. I Feel the Earth Move
    By: UA
  13. Ice Blue
    By: Kenichi Shono