The Human Vapor
International Title
 The Human Vapour

Music By: Kunio Miyauchi
Record Label: SLC

Running Time: 55:38 Discs: 1
Release: October 1995 CD Number: SLCS-5067
Anthony Romero
SLC's release of the score for The Human Vapour, done by Kunio Miyauchi, follows the general format of the "Toho Science Fiction Cult Movie" line. Like the others, The Human Vapour soundtrack was actually supervised by its original composer, while the booklet contains a good deal of information on Miyauchi along with a brief summary of each theme while also including production stills from the film (all black and white).

Unfortunately, presentation of the release aside, the score for this 1960 production just doesn't work well as a stand alone experience. The soundtrack is really without any kind of highlight, save perhaps the "Dragon" tracks that have a nice 1950's club type of feel to them. The themes themselves are mostly unmemorable and sometimes rather bland. "The Demon of Emotion" tends to be the most tiring of these. The theme itself isn't awful or anything, as it's done in the Noh theater style with a bamboo flute, biwa (stringed instrument), chanting and light drum work. Regretfully, this track drags on for a whole ten minutes and really begins to overstay its welcome at the four minute mark, yet it's not even half over at that point. Listening to the track really starts to become a test of endurance on the listener, especially when it sounds like its winding down after eight minutes only to pick right up again and continue for two more... then, to add insult to injury, there is another four minute track with the same music. In Miyauchi's defense, though, this was only his second feature length score at the time.

Bottom line, unless one is a collector of the Toho Science Fiction scores, this one is probably better passed up in favor of the other more entertaining soundtracks attached to these features. Fans of Japanese science fiction might find this release still very interesting to hear though, since Miyauchi reused some of these themes for his work on the Ultraman show, with the most notable example being the "Ending" cue that would later be used for the death theme to Jiras.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Main Title (M1)
  2. Itsukaichi Highway Pursuit (M2)
  3. The Beauty with the Devil's Mask (M3)
  4. Dragon 1 (M4)
  5. Terror at the Mikuni Bank (M5)
  6. Crime Wave (M6)
  7. Solo Investigation (M7)
  8. Tailing (M8)
  9. Fujichiyo's Secret (M9)
  10. The Kyodo Bank (M10)
  11. A Series of Incidents (M11)
  12. Dragon 2 (M12)
  13. House Investigation (PS62)
  14. The Man who Turned Himself in (M13)
  15. The Human Vapour Emerges (M14)
  16. Declaration of the Human Vapour (M15)
  17. Horror of the Human Vapour 1 (M16)
  18. Fujichiyo and the Human Vapour 1 (M17)
  19. Kasuga's Bond (M18)
  20. The Human Vapour Arrives (M19)
  21. Doctor Sano (M20)
  22. 240 Hours (M21)
  23. The Creation of the Human Vapour (M22)
  24. Despair and Hope (M23)
  25. The Human Vapour is Immortal (M24)
  26. Fujichiyo and the Human Vapour 2 (M25)
  27. Fujichiyo's Thoughts (M26)
  28. The Demon of Emotion 1 (PS115)
  29. Horror of the Human Vapour 2 (M27)
  30. The Fate of the Demons of Emotion (M23A)
  31. The Demon of Emotion 2 (PS115B)
  32. The Moment Approaches (M28-T1)
  33. Ending (M28A)
  34. The Demon of Emotion 1 EX (PS115)
  35. The Demon of Emotion 2 EX1 (PS115B)
  36. The Demon of Emotion 2 EX2 (PS115B)