Howl: The Grunts and Growls of All Toho Monsters
International Title

Music By: Various
Record Label: Sony Records

Running Time: 25:56 Discs: 1
Release: November 1992 CD Number: SRCL-2531
Published in conjuncture with the, then, soon to be released Godzilla vs. Mothra (1992), this disc was more or less the end all resource for Toho sound effects at the time. Today, however, it's mostly overshadowed by the vastly superior two disc Sound Effect of Godzilla release by Toshiba that hit the market three years later. Howl is not without its merits, though, as it does include sound effects for the Heisei series kaiju up to 1992, who are absent from Toshiba's set, while also containing Kenji Iwakura's "Godzilla's Coming to Town" single, which is a five minute piece of music set to Toho sound effects. Sadly, at around 26 minutes, this disc is still embarrassingly short of content. It's not clear why this release didn't opt for either a more robust selection of sound effects for each monster or include characters absent from Howl, such as the Matango and the Giant Octopus, to better pad the runtime.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. Godzilla's Coming to Town
    Composer: Kenji Iwakura
  2. Godzilla (1st Generation)
  3. Anguirus (1st Generation)
  4. Rodan
  5. Meganulon
  6. Varan
  7. Mothra (Larva)
  8. Mothra (Imago)
  9. Maguma
  10. King Kong
  11. Godzilla (2nd Generation - 1)
  12. Manda
  13. Dogora
  14. Godzilla (2nd Generation - 2)
  15. King Ghidorah
  16. Baragon
  17. Frankenstein
  18. Sanda
  19. Gaira
  20. Ebirah
  21. Gorosaurus
  22. Mechani-Kong
  23. Minilla
  24. Kamacuras
  25. Kumonga
  26. Anguirus (2nd Generation)
  27. Gabara
  28. Gezora
  29. Ganimes
  30. Kamoebas
  31. Hedorah
  32. Gigan
  33. Megalon
  34. Jet Jaguar
  35. King Caesar
  36. Mechagodzilla
  37. Titanosaurus
  38. Godzilla (3rd Generation)
  39. Shockirus
  40. Biollante
  41. Godzillasaurus
  42. Dorats
  43. King Ghidorah (New)
  44. Mecha-King Ghidorah
  45. Mothra (New - Larva)
  46. Mothra (New - Imago)
  47. Battra (Larva)
  48. Battra (Imago)
  49. Godzilla (4th Generation)