Prison Gate Island - Complete Movie Collection
International Title
 Hell's Gate Island
Music By: Shinichi Tanabe
Record Label: Fuji Kinema
Running Time: 59:01 Discs: 1
Release: June 2012 CD Number: FJCM-020
Anthony Romero
First off, huge thanks goes out to Robert Storch for sending this disc for review!

When Fuji Kinema first announced this release, many were confused as to what made it "complete" and why they were releasing another CD for Hell's Gate Island since they had already distributed a soundtrack for the movie in 2011. As it turns out, this CD contains the actual movie score done by Shinichi Tanabe, rather than the content created specifically for the album that was already found on CD.

Veteran soundtrack collectors will probably already know the difference between an album score and a film score. The former is often created by the composer specifically for the album release, usually after the movie soundtrack is created and fine tuning the work to make it more enjoyable as a stand alone experience. The film score, however, is the music exactly as it was originally composed and used for the movie. A famous example of this includes the "Imperial March" from The Empire Strikes Back, which was created for the commercial album release but was never used in the movie (a shorter version was scored as the Executor theme).

The "Complete Movie Collection" features music that people will be familiar with if they have heard the album, and also themes that will sound completely new. Themes like the "Main Title" will be recognizable as the "Harbor" track from the album, while many of the motifs heard in the album are borrowed, naturally, from the film source. However, everything on this CD is different for those who have only heard the album. The closest a theme come to matching a comparable album track is "Shikoku Road Trip" to the "Pilgrimage" theme, but even that is notably different. Quite a few of these cues don't sound like anything from the album either, although a few of these aren't particularly good like the over synthesized "Morning Mist" and the incredibly bland comedic track "Kindaichi Tracks".

Ultimately, there is enough here to recommend the score to diehard Kosuke Kindaichi fans, and certainly there is a growing cult that is enjoying the deliciously dated music of Shinichi Tanabe (count me among them). The film score embodies this, but utterly pales compared to the majestic music already heard on the album material. There are great cues here, but they are all done better on the album. Basically, Tanabe knew what he was doing when he went to adapt the film music to record. Suffice to say, if choosing between the film score here and the album, go with the album. If you are a completest wondering if this contains new material, every cue is new and worth owning if you can't get enough of Tanabe's music.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. The History of Prison Gate Island (M1A Edit)
  2. Main Title (M1)
  3. Kosuke Kindaichi at Kasaoka Port (M2)
  4. Chimata Kito's Letter (M4)
  5. Seto Sea (M5)
  6. The Kito Home ~ Overlooking Prison Gate Island (M6)
  7. Moon, Snow and Flowers (M7)
  8. The Prison's Master ~ Senkouji Temple (M8)
  9. Barber (M9/M10)
  10. Sunset on Prison Gate Island ~ Night Rendezvous ~ Drawn to the Wig (M10)
  11. Sanae and Kindaichi: The Kito Home (M11)
  12. Ship of Repatriation (M13)
  13. Dark Night (M14)
  14. The Tragedy that Night (M15/M16)
  15. Morning Mist (M15)
  16. Detective Todoroki Arrives (M16A)
  17. Yukie in the Meadow (M18)
  18. Royen's Unrest (M18A/M19/M19A/M20)
  19. Police Officer Shimizu Runs (M20)
  20. The Grasshopper Under the Helm (M21/M22/M22A)
  21. Funeral (M26)
  22. Taiko, Evening's Distant Heaven (M27/M28/M29)
  23. Place of Prayer (M30)
  24. Kindaichi and Oshichi (M31)
  25. Kindaichi Tracks (M32B)
  26. Last Moment of Piracy (M33)
  27. Katsuno and the Priest (M34)
  28. Saxifrage Under the Stairs of Senkouji Temple (M36)
  29. Tsukiyo: Monkey Death ~ Kindaichi Follows Sanae (M36A)
  30. Sanae and Kindaichi: Terraced Fields (M37)
  31. Three Sheets of Haiku (M36A/M39/M40/M41)
  32. Walk to the Temple Bell (M41A)
  33. On the Boat ~ Exposing the Magic Trick (M42/M42A)
  34. Explaining the Homicide Similarities (M44/M45)
  35. Mother and Daughter (M46)
  36. Kaemon Kito's Testament (M48)
  37. Confession (M49)
  38. Shikoku Road Trip (M52)
  39. Publication of the Killed ~ Ritual of Bullying (M53-T2)
  40. Two People on the Cliff (M54)
  41. Kosuke Kindaichi Leaves the Island (M55-T1)
  42. Farewell Prison Gate Island (M56)