Heart of Glass + Single Collection
International Title
Music By: Yuki Saito
Record Label: Pony Canyon
Running Time: 76:46 Discs: 1
Release: July 2008 CD Number: PCCS-00001
Anthony Romero
This disc contains the "Heart of Glass" album, that was originally released in March of 1986, along with many of artist Yuki Saito's singles from 1985 through 1989. While the collection is more a celebration of Saito's career as a singer, it does include several songs used in movie or TV soundtracks, including four different ones for Toho's films, most famous of which is the cut off song heard in Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989).

Now the first ten tracks on the disc pertain to the original "Heart of Glass" album. One of these songs, "Passion", was used in the 1985 film Lost Chapter of Snow: Passion. The song joins several similar ones, such as "Fire Love" and "Moon Field", for being majestic and enjoyable. A lot of the first ten tracks fall into this category, although the equally oddly titled "Saturday's Onion" tries for a showtunes-like melody and misses the mark. In actuality, the star attraction from this is the first track, "Sound of a Thousand Winds", which is a non-vocal track done by Satoshi Takebe. It's a violin and piano heavy theme, giving a very elegant flavor that leads into the rest of the songs quite nicely.

Following the first ten tracks are eight songs from her Single releases. All but three of these are related to movies or shows, with "Graduation" being one of those exceptions and arguably one of Saito's most famous works, although I found it fairly forgettable. For the non-Toho work, there is a song for the Toei production Sukeban Deka called "White Flame" and a song, "Hello Sadness", for the TV show Maison Ikkoku, although Toho did release a film for the series called Maison Ikkoku: Final Chapter (1988). This leads to two Toho related tracks, one for Young Girls in Love (1986), which isn't particularly memorable, and the pleasant "Sayonara" for "Sayonara" die Fräulein (1987).

Finally, we have why probably many Toho fans are interested in this release in the first place, and certainly the leading reason I sought it out: "Inside a Dream" from Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989). In the movie, the song is playing at a concert at Osaka, with the start of the song heard as a "false POV shot" from the waves shows off the city before an evacuation notice interrupts the tune. For years I thought the part of the song heard in the movie was the full tune that Toho had created, and was shocked to find that a full song existed for it, and even more shocked to find it sold almost half a million singles as one of the defining hits of Saito's career. The song itself is actually a cover for Yosui Inoue's original 1973 song by the same name. The cover is also nothing like the other material on this disc, given a very poppy, "in your face" beat to start out before Yuki Saito's very pleasant voice breaks the tone. It feels slightly out of place, but works. As a bit of side trivia, General Gondo sings the song briefly, and rather softly, in the film as he is approaching the Saradia office in Osaka (this is cut from the English dub).

Overall, this is a very enjoyable collection of music if you enjoy slightly dated Japanese pop. While "Inside a Dream" is probably the prime reason many will seek this out, tracks like "Sound of a Thousand Winds" and "Passion" are also really nice and make this a worthy addition to someone's collection.
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    Heart of Glass
  1. Sound of a Thousand Winds
    By: Satoshi Takebe
  2. Moon Field
  3. Saturday's Onion
  4. First Love
  5. Passion
  6. Cosmos Signal
  7. Cinderella Pajamas
  8. Forgotten Things When Moving
  9. Ocean Postcards
  10. Now Only the Truth

    Single Collection
  11. Graduation

    Sukeban Deka
  12. White Flame

    Maison Ikkoku
  13. Hello Sadness

  14. Pieces of Sky

    Young Girls in Love (1986)
  15. May

  16. Sand Castle

    "Sayonara" die Fräulein (1987)
  17. "Sayonara"

    Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989)
  18. Inside a Dream