Monster Snowman
International Title
 Half Human
Music By: Masaru Sato
Record Label: Toshiba EMI
Running Time: 65:14 Discs: 1
Release: June 1997 CD Number: TYCY-5509
Anthony Romero
Released under Toshiba's "Futureland" label, this CD features the score to the 1955 production of Half Human. The feature marked the second "monster" score by composer Masaru Sato that year, with the first being Godzilla Raids Again. Luckily, Sato's talents are much more refined on this film, as the composer creates several nice themes for the score. Chief among them is probably the "Going Through the Snow" cue, which uses horns to good effect to give the listener a sense of adventure that fits well with the mountain expedition that is going on in the movie. "Death Takes Oba", who is the son of the titular creature, is another nice theme from Sato. It does a good job of being a somber cue while still feeling at home with the rest of the score.

Sadly, despite the merits of some of Sato's themes, the disc as a whole doesn't make for the greatest stand alone experience. The biggest problem are themes like "Garan Valley", which tend to meander on and on with minimal orchestration. Cues like this can work well as natural sounding ambience in a scene, but when removed from the movie they make for a fairly weak listening experience. "Prayer", which is a hymn only track without any instrumentation, suffers this fate as well. Although not part of the "real" score, the last track, "MX-1", deserves mention as well. This cue is simply drum beats, featuring a very slow pace and mostly the same tune repeated through out. Unfortunately, this cue goes on and on for an exasperating seven minutes and at times feels like more of an endurance match pitted against one's patience.

Bottom line, the CD has its moments, with a couple of really nice themes from Sato, but is overall better relegated to compilations where those tracks can shine without interference.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Main Title (M1-T2)
  2. Plea from the Notebook (M2)
  3. Going Through the Snow (M3)
  4. Bad Weather (M3A)
  5. What Was Left Behind (M5 - Mix)
  6. The Search in the Melting Snow I (M6)
  7. The Search in the Melting Snow II (M7 - First Half)
  8. Camping I (M7 - Second Half)
  9. Camping II (MEX-2)
  10. Camping III (Whistle Only)
  11. The Snowman Appears (M8)
  12. Garan Valley (M9 - Mix)
  13. Cliff of Death (M10 - Mix)
  14. A Helping Hand (M11 - Mix)
  15. Prayer (M11A - 58 Cycle Playback)
  16. Death Takes Oba (M12)
  17. The Fury of the Snowman (M13A)
  18. The Blazing Fire of Garan Valley
  19. From the Hand of the Deceased (M15 - Echo)
  20. The Snowman's Cave (M13)
  21. The Demise of the Snowman (M15 - Mix)
  22. Ending (M16)

    Alternate Takes
  23. Main Title (M1-T1)
  24. The Snowman Appears (M8 - Mix)
  25. Garan Valley (M9)
  26. Garan Valley (M9 - Whistle)
  27. Cliff of Death (M10A)
  28. Cliff of Death (M10B)
  29. Prayer (M11A)
  30. From the Hand of the Deceased (M15)
  31. Prayer-3-1
  32. MX-1