Godzilla X Mechagodzilla
International Title
 Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla
Music By: Michiru Oshima
Record Label: King Records
Running Time: 62:39 Discs: 1
Release: December 2002 CD Number: KICA-586
Anthony Romero
Michiru Oshima, showing immense promise from her score for Godzilla vs. Megaguirus (2000), breaks all boundaries on her work for the 26th Godzilla film and manages to craft one of the best bodies of work on a single movie that the series has seen to date.

Oshima runs the gambit with her work here, creating both subtle and boisterous themes for the movie. Her music is also aided tremendously by the fact that Toho outsourced the orchestration work to the Moscow International Symphonic Orchestra, under conduction supervision from Konstantin Krimets. Although this was primarily done to reduce production costs, the ending effect is actually a much more rich musical experience as the Moscow based Orchestra is many times larger than anything the series has experienced before. Oshima's Godzilla theme, a returning cue from the 2000 film, has never sounded better either as the music seems to come to life with a huge amount of depth and power achieved by the larger orchestra to truly give the title creature a very epic quality. The CD has a number of stand out tracks past Oshima's Godzilla theme. This includes one of my personal favorites, which is the breathtaking "Prime Minister's Recollection". The cue starts out quietly enough, building tension, before letting loose with a wonderful closure that seems both subtle while at the same time grand, as Oshima strikes the perfect balance. The range of the composer's talent is also on full display here, as the disc contains the more pleasant and cheerful march for Kiryu while at the same time featuring some great "knock down" battle music in the form of "Intense Fighting" and, although the music wasn't used for a fight in the movie, "Running Wild".

This release includes a 42 page booklet, which is why the CD case is oversized. The booklet includes some background on the Mechagodzilla character and composer Oshima, while also featuring several storyboards from the feature film.

Now as far as this release goes compared to the one in the Perfect Collection (G-026), they are pretty similar. The Perfect Collection release is the superior one, due to having a lot of outtakes from the production, but the main score is there in each. This one does prefer a "suite approach", by combining a few cues together into a single track, which the other release avoids. So if one has a choice between this and the Perfect Collection version, go for the other one in the box set. Although it should be mentioned that this release does contain sound effects, which the other does not.

Bottom line, this is arguably one of, if not thee, best score in the Godzilla series, and works fantastically from beginning to end as a stand alone experience. If someone is a fan of either Oshima or the Godzilla franchise they owe it to them self to seek out this score.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Opening (M1)
  2. G's Theme I (M2)
  3. Title (M3)
  4. Prime Minister's Recollection (M4)
  5. Defense Agency's Technology Laboratory (M5 + M6)
  6. G's Theme II (M7)
  7. "Welcome" (M8)
  8. Akane's Theme I (M9)
  9. Team Kiryu's Theme I (M10 + M11)
  10. Akana and Sara (M12)
  11. MG's Theme I (M13)
  12. Team Kiryu's Theme II (M14)
  13. Confrontation (M15)
  14. Running Wild (M16 + M17)
  15. MG's Theme II (M18 + M19)
  16. Sara (M20 + M21)
  17. G's Theme III (M22)
  18. Team Kiryu's Theme III (M23)
  19. MG's Theme III (M24)
  20. Intense Fighting I (M25)
  21. Intense Fighting II (M26)
  22. Akana's Theme II (M27 + M28)
  23. MG's Theme IV (M29 + M30)
  24. Intense Fighting III (M31)
  25. Surfacing (M32)
  26. Ending (M33)
  27. Salute!! (M34)
  28. SE: Godzilla
  29. SE: Mechagodzilla