Godzilla X Megaguirus - Original Soundtrack Plus
International Title
 Godzilla vs. Megaguirus
Music By: Michiru Oshima
Record Label: Toho Music
Running Time: 60:07 Discs: 1
Release: August 2001 CD Number: NCS-261
Anthony Romero
Found only in Toho's three disc Godzilla X Megaguirus: G Extermination Strategy box set, the "Plus" soundtrack for Godzilla vs. Megaguirus features a wealth of material left off the previous single disc releases of the score. Of these unreleased tracks, the best cue is easily "Godzilla Attacks Tokai - Japan's Energy Crisis", which follows the 1954 flashback sequence at the start of the film. The track is kind of low key in the score, while at the same time perfectly conveys a sinister undertone that works great both in context and as a stand alone experience. Sadly, most of the other "new" cues here aren't nearly as memorable, as most of them are on the short side and tend to repeat earlier theme motifs. Still, it's great to have nearly the entire score here all the same, save the first cue which plays during the world "newsreel" sequence and the stock Akira Ifukube stuff.

The big question, though, is if this release is worth shelling out the money for the expensive, and now hard to get, three disc box set? The answer to that is a little tough, as it depends largely on if one has a region 2 player to see the DVDs and at what price they might be able to get it. If one is purchasing it for the "Plus" soundtrack alone, then don't bother as it is hardly worth it, especially with the superior offering in the sixth "Perfect" box (G-024). However, if one can make use of the DVDs then it definitely becomes a tempting item to purchase. Regardless, though, this score, with amazing themes like the "The Ultimate Battle Advent", is a definite must, whether it be here, Victor's (VICL-60613), GNP's release, or the "Perfect" box.

Sadly, Toho got lazy with the track listing here. Much like their later day War History of Men - Toho War Movies Soundtrack Collection, this CD skimps on track titles in favor of simply listing cue numbers for a lot of these. In fact, it only bothers to list track titles for the themes that were previously released, while also citing when a theme was unused; everything else is just listed under their cue number. This does make it easy to tell what's new to this release, but it also smacks of laziness. Consequently, I have included made up track titles, based on the events in the film, for the new tracks. They are all bolded, to make it clear where I ad-libbed a title, while I didn't touch the "Unused Cues" as I could only fathom a weak guess as to what they might have been planned for.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Godzilla Attacks Tokai - Japan's Energy Crisis (M2)
  2. Fateful Confrontation (M3)
  3. Main Title (M4)
  4. To the G Countermeasures Headquarters (M5)
  5. Operations Area (M6)
  6. Flashback: Disaster in Nakanoshima (M7)
  7. Godzilla Rises (M8)
  8. The G Extermination Strategy Begins (M9)
  9. Dimension Tide Engaged (M10)
  10. Unused Cue (M11)
  11. The Strange Giant Egg (M12)
  12. Dumping the Giant Egg (M13)
  13. Tragedy (M14)
  14. The Giant Egg Multiplies (M15)
  15. The Resurrected Insect of Ancient Times (M16)
  16. Unused Cue (M17)
  17. Kiriko and the Boy (M18)
  18. Meganula Spotted (M19)
  19. The Griffon Mobilizes (M20)
  20. G Approaches (M21)
  21. Dimension Tide in Orbit (M22)
  22. Surveying the Flood (M23)
  23. The Submerged City (M24)
  24. Godzilla vs. Griffon (M25)
  25. Meganula · Swarm Outbreak (M26)
  26. The Dimension Tide Maneuver (M27)
  27. The Relentless Creatures (M28)
  28. The Dimension Tide Fires (M29)
  29. Godzilla's Still Alive (M30)
  30. A Painful Life's Work (M31)
  31. The Birth of the Super-Aerial Dragon (M32)
  32. High Frequency Flight (M33)
  33. Megaguirus (M34)
  34. Tokyo Evacuation (M35)
  35. The Ultimate Battle Advent (M36)
  36. Dimension Tide Enters Standby Mode (M37 - M22 Repeat)
  37. Unused Cue (M38A)
  38. Unused Cue (M38B)
  39. System Crash (M39)
  40. Godzilla X Megaguirus (M40)
  41. Godzilla Charges (M41)
  42. A Desperate Counterattack (M42)
  43. Earth's Greatest Struggle to the Death (M43)
  44. The Dimension Tide's Limit (M44)
  45. Kiriko's Decision (M45)
  46. Black Hole Gun, Explosion (M46)
  47. The Perfect Conclusion (M47)
  48. Kiriko (M48A)
  49. Unused Cue (M48B)
  50. Ending Theme (M48)