Gunhed - Original Soundtrack
International Title
Music By: Toshiyuki Honda
Record Label: Toho Music
Running Time: 44:41 Discs: 1
Release: February 2007 CD Number: TDV17037D
Anthony Romero
Found in Toho's two disc Gunhed DVD release, this cover-less CD is a reissue of the quite rare soundtrack disc by Fun House (00FD-7115) in 1989. For those unfamiliar with the score and Toshiyuki Honda's work on the film, it's a fairly mixed bag. To be blunt, most of these themes are pretty repetitious. The score is created with a very minimal amount of orchestration, often relying on a single instrument to get the job done while the general flow is almost technoish in terms of pacing and the general repeating tempos. The movie got away with using this by breaking a lot of these up and shortening their use in scenes. As a stand alone and unedited experience, though, it gets to be pretty taxing on the listener and it's not unusual to want to skip a number of these tracks on account of it. To be fair, a few of these themes are quite nice, such as "Island 8J0" and "Charge". The two songs by Mariko Nagai, "Time" and "Anata-o Miteruto", are also excellent. Overall, it's not a bad CD, but due to the disparity between those tracks worth listening to repeatedly and those one will likely want to skip, its probably only going to appeal to a small audience.

In terms of this particular release, for enthusiasts this reissue presents an easy, although still not inexpensive, method to acquire the soundtrack. Dedicated collectors who already own the 1989 CD, though, will undoubtedly be disappointed that Toho didn't try to come up with some more content for this re-release of a fairly short soundtrack.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Time
    By: Mariko Nagai
  2. Island 8J0
  3. Gunhed#1
  4. Inside of the Dome#1
  5. Have a Party Gunhed
  6. Don't Go Away
  7. Charge
  8. The Party is Over
  9. Gunhed#2
  10. Inside of the Dome#2
  11. After the War
  12. Somewhere Before
  13. Pre Production
  14. Anata-o Miteruto
    By: Mariko Nagai