Super Star God Gransazers: Original Soundtracks
International Title
 The Gransazers
Music By: Yasuharu Takanashi
Record Label: IZM Communications Group
Running Time: 62:23 Discs: 1
Release: March 2005 CD Number: IZGS-15001
Anthony Romero
Released in 2005, this soundtrack for the popular The Gransazers show has become increasingly rare. In fact, I spent three years aggressively tracking it before I even found a used copy. This rarity is due to the fact that the disc was only sold online in limited quantities. How limited is unknown, but it quickly sold out. The exact origin of the disc is a bit of a mystery. The only company attributed to the CD is "IZM Communications Group", a company with hardly any existing documentation of. This company is also mentioned on the region 2 DVD releases for the series, so they have at least a partial stake in the show itself. The odd thing, though, is that this disc was sold exclusively by Toho on their own site, in the same manner that they do with their own "Toho Music" releases... yet there is nothing on the disc to attribute itself to that branch of the firm.

Regardless of its production origins, the disc contains a lot of music from the show and is the only means of acquiring Yasuharu Takanashi's score for the series. Regrettably, once removed from the show, the limitations of Takanashi's work for the franchise are a bit more noticeable. In particular, the man sounds to have had a very limited orchestra to his disposal. Orchestra might not be the best word for it, though, as the soundtrack is fairly contemporary in its scope, and will probably be one that is distinct for the time period in years to come. There is a bit of more old fashioned orchestration woven in, but also a lot of electronic work, which is not surprising given that Takanashi was the keyboard artist for the band "634 Musashi". Takanashi also has a penchant for guitar and drum work, which is used heavily throughout the series in cues like "GunCaeser's Theme". A few cues do drift into other techniques, showing a bit of diversity such as with the acoustic guitar and piano accompanied "Love Theme", but many favor more untraditional soundtrack approaches.

Regardless of style, a number of themes here are quite nice to listen to. Among those that fall into this category include "Garuda's Theme", a very guitar heavy cue, and the incredibly energetic "Arrival" theme which does well to convey the mass of the Youhi mech it's usually attached to. Takanashi also constructs a very sinister cue for the "Impactor Alien Theme", which is also one of the few to demonstrate choir work on this CD. Sadly, a couple of these themes aren't quite as enjoyable, especially the monotonous "Equip, Transform" theme and "The Looming Crisis", cues that simply worked better when they were sampled in very small portions during the show itself.

Regrettably, this CD does not feature the complete score to the series. Beyond the songs, which are found on the two single releases Taking You With Me and Super Star God Gransazers: Life Goes On, the disc is also missing a number of themes, which is all the more obvious since there is no "Suffering 1" here despite 2 and 3 being present. For further example, the battle music that played for the Sazer-Dail vs. Sazer-Tragos part of Episode 5 is absent, which is a real shame as it was one of the greater cues from the series. This shouldn't be too surprising, given that it took three CD releases to cover all of the music from The Justirisers (2004), which Takanashi also scored, but it's a bit sad since this release still had room for a few more themes. In fact, the disc was originally going to be shorter, but due to a delay it was decided that the "Vision Theme Song" would be added as fair compensation. Not sure on the origin of this song, other than the fact it was written by MASR who also wrote "Life Goes On". The "Vision Theme Song" mentions the Gransazers by name, so its possible it was an alternate opening or ending theme, or used for something like the traveling "Premium Battle Stage" show that features the Gransazers, Justirisers and Impactor Logia.

Overall, this is a nice release, although probably not as great as one might hope for given how hard it is to find, making it a little anti-climactic for those few collectors who do happen to stumble upon it. Still, anyone who enjoys The Gransazers or Takanashi's work should thoroughly enjoy this album.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Main Title
  2. Previous Story Reprise
  3. The Beautiful Earth Synthesized Version
  4. The Gransazers Theme
  5. Daily Life A
  6. Awakening
  7. Dorcus' Theme
  8. Equip, Transform
  9. Garuda's Theme
  10. Decision
  11. Courage
  12. GunCaeser's Theme
  13. Suffering 3
  14. Leviathan's Theme 1
  15. Epic Struggle
  16. Daily Life B
  17. The Looming Crisis
  18. Leviathan's Theme 2
  19. Love Theme
  20. A Powerful Evil
  21. Hideout (Evil)
  22. Impactor Alien Theme
  23. Arrival
  24. Scramble
  25. Daily Life D
  26. Guntras' Theme
  27. The Giant Super Star God
  28. Beyond the Setting Sun
  29. Daily Life C
  30. Pinch
  31. Cloud Dragon Theme
  32. Battle Clash
  33. Suffering 2
  34. End (To the Setting Sun)
  35. Victory
  36. The Beautiful Earth Strings Version
  37. Vision Theme Song