International Title

Music By: Hiroyuki Onogawa
Record Label: Avex Trax

Running Time: 43:21 Discs: 1
Release: October 2000 CD Number: AVCD-11875
Anthony Romero
A soundtrack for Hiroyuki Onogawa's score to the 2000 feature film Gojoe, directed by Sogo Ishii. Unfortunately, this score makes for a fairly lackluster standalone experience. There are a few good tracks here, such as "Oni," while also a couple of bad ones, such as "Hesitation" and the highly annoying "Final Battle". More often then not , though, the themes here end up just being fairly unmemorable. Onogawa certainly has his own type of style, though, as he meshes more traditional sounding music from Japan with digital effects, although the result is sometimes questionable. This CD is also on the short side with a running time of only 43 minutes, and, to be completely honest, it's probably one of my least favorite soundtracks that I own. So, overall, there isn't much to recommend about this release or the score in general, and unless this disc can be found for a very reasonable price, or one is a huge fan of the film, it's likely best left forgotten.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Opening Theme
  2. Oni
  3. Musyukunin
  4. Ambient
  5. Battle
  6. Shrine
  7. Onikilimaru
  8. Beat
  9. Murder
  10. Ajyari
  11. Hesitation
  12. Lost Light
  13. Accelerator
  14. Destiny
  15. Final Battle
  16. Rhythm
  17. The End