Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla Complete Tracks
International Title
 Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla
Music By: Takayuki Hattori
Record Label: Kitty
Running Time: 40:32/47:16 Discs: 2
Release: January 1995 CD Number: KTCR-1301/2
Anthony Romero
This is the two disc set for the 1994 production of Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla. Released a month after the single CD release (KTCR-1291), this set greatly expands on the selection of music and also covers the work done by the other artists besides Takayuki Hattori and Date of Birth.

Now, in terms of the score, it's a decent offering. When the movie was released, Hattori became a fairly unanimous scapegoat. He had big shoes to fill, coming in after three soundtracks done by series favorite Akira Ifukube, and for many he didn't live up to the task. As time has drifted on, and the Heisei series has long since finished its run, history has been a bit kinder to Hattori, as it should given that the man composed an acceptable body of work for the production. To his credit, Hattori manages to craft several very nice themes here, although his talents are better spent on the softer melodies such as "Miki and Little Godzilla" and "Requiem". His stand out theme, though, has to be the beautifully conducted "Birth Island 1". It's an enchanting track, which perfectly conveys the far off island sense that it's aiming for, although does feel a little too reminiscent of John Barry's work on You Only Live Twice. Regretfully, the score does suffer in terms of feeling monotonous at times, as the same basic theme, such as Moguera's, tends to get worked into a lot of tracks here.

This set, unlike the single, benefits also from some of the other composers who contributed. Ifukube's Godzilla theme, seen in "Godzilla Appears", is always stellar and becomes a welcome surprise when it comes up. His work for the Cosmos is also reused here to good effect and livens up the proceedings. The CD set also includes two vocal tracks. The first, by Katsu, seems to be taken from a source credited as "Groove it, Yourself" and is heard during the boat trip to Birth Island. It's a cheesy track, certainly dated today, but has it's charm for its over-the-top style. Finally, the disc also has the always grand "Echoes of Love" by the band Date of Birth. I'm not too familiar with the group, but it consists largely of Isao Shigeto as the composer/keyboard artist and Norico as the singer, who has a lovely voice which really comes through during "Echoes of Love" as she transitions between Japanese and English flawlessly. It's overall a great song, and one of the stellar inclusions of the soundtrack.

Now in terms of this release in particular, its worth noting that its a faithful presentation of the soundtrack as it appeared in the film. That means fades, edits and other alterations are retained for the tracks outside of the bonus content. This makes the CD set stand out from the one in the Perfect Collection (G-021), which instead focuses on the original recordings. In terms of which is better, that clearly goes to the Perfect Collection release, but many of the edited tracks are unique to this set and more obsessive collectors might find that aspect of this release appealing.

Overall, Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla doesn't compare well to the Godzilla scores that directly proceeded it, but still offers enough here to make it a worthwhile standalone experience. This set in particular is also very nice for its level of completeness and the diversity it brings to the score by including the work by the other musical artists.

As a side note, this release comes packaged with a couple of extras. The first of these is a foldout poster, which sadly isn't very impressive as the end result looks like something someone produced with the default effects in Photoshop on some production stills from the movie, while the second is a hologram of Godzilla.
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    Disc 1
  1. Prologue (M1 Edit)
  2. Main Title (M1)
  3. Miki and Mothra (M2)
    By: Sayaka Osawa and Keiko Imamura
  4. Birth Island 1 (M3)
  5. Transport Boat Deck
    By: Katsu
  6. Little Godzilla (M6)
  7. Birth Island 2 (M7)
  8. The Giant Claws of the Devil (M8)
  9. Miki and the Cosmos 1 (M9)
    By: Akira Ifukube
  10. Yuki's Theme (M11)
  11. SpaceGodzilla Approaches (M12)
  12. Moguera Mobilized (M14)
  13. Miki and Little Godzilla (M15)
  14. Mischievous Little Godzilla (M16)
  15. Godzilla Appears (M17)
    By: Akira Ifukube
  16. T-Project Initiated (M18)
  17. Miki and Godzilla 1 (M19)
  18. Yuki in Pursuit (M19A)
  19. Space Warfare: Moguera vs. SpaceGodzilla (M20)
  20. Godzilla's Opponent (M21A)
  21. SpaceGodzilla's Descent (M22)
  22. SpaceGodzilla's Theme (M22A)
  23. Miki and Godzilla 2 (M23)
  24. Miki and Shinjo (M24)
  25. Miki and the Cosmos 2
    By: Akira Ifukube
  26. The Two on the Beach (M25)
  27. Miki is Kidnapped (M25A)
  28. SpaceGodzilla Appears in Sapporo (M26A)
  29. Rescuing Miki (M27)
  30. Miki's Telekinesis 1 (M28)
  31. SpaceGodzilla Comes Flying 1 (M29)
  32. SpaceGodzilla Comes Flying 2 (M29A)
  33. G-Force's Theme (M31)
  34. Godzilla at Kagoshima Bay (M33)
  35. Moguera vs. Godzilla (M35)
    Disc 2
  1. SpaceGodzilla's Battle Area (M37)
  2. Moguera vs. SpaceGodzilla 1 (M38)
  3. Moguera vs. SpaceGodzilla 2 (M40)
  4. Moguera vs. SpaceGodzilla 3 (M41)
  5. Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla 1 (M41A)
  6. Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla 2 (M42)
  7. Land Moguera Burrows (M44)
  8. Moguera vs. SpaceGodzilla 3 (M44A)
  9. Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla 3 (M45)
  10. Yuki and Godzilla (M47)
  11. Rescuing Yuki (M47A)
  12. Miki's Telekinesis 2 (M49)
  13. SpaceGodzilla's Demise (M50)
  14. Requiem (M51)
  15. Epilogue, Echoes of Love (M52)
    By: Isao Shigeto
  16. Echoes of Love (M53)
    By: Date of Birth

    Bonus Tracks
  17. SpaceGodzilla's Theme
  18. Godzilla's Theme
  19. SpaceGodzilla's Psychokinesis
  20. SpaceGodzilla's Frenzy
  21. Little Godzilla
  22. Yuki's Theme
  23. Birth Island 1
  24. Crystal
  25. Epilogue, Echoes of Love
    By: Isao Shigeto