Godzilla vs. Hedorah
International Title
 Godzilla vs. Hedorah
Music By: Riichiro Manabe
Record Label: Toshiba EMI
Running Time: 54:24 Discs: 1
Release: December 1993 CD Number: TYCY-5355
Robert Storch (Submission)
When this Toshiba-EMI Futureland Godzilla vs. Hedorah (aka Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster) soundtrack was released in 1993, it represented the first time the full, complete score saw the light of day on CD. Today, this Toshiba release is now the oldest version of the soundtrack on the CD format, as it was later included on VAP's Toho Champion Festival boxed set from 2001, and released on Toho Music's Godzilla Soundtrack Perfect Collection Box 3 in 2005. However, VAP's release spreads the soundtrack across two discs, contains no front cover art and has six less tracks than the Toshiba CD. The Perfect CD sounds a little bit flatter compared with the other two releases, but is the most expanded version of the soundtrack.

Featuring the incredible original poster art on the front cover and packed full with 60 tracks, this Toshiba-EMI Hedorah soundtrack CD was always one of my favorites from the ‘93 set, although not because the score itself is a masterpiece or anything. I will be blunt - I am not a fan of Riichiro Manabe's first attempt at creating a Godzilla score, but I am a fan of Keiko Mari and very much enjoy the two songs that are featured on this soundtrack, "Give Back The Sun" and "Defeat Hedorah". To be fair, I do occasionally check out a few of Manabe's score tracks once in a while, although I tend to hit the skip button on the remote an awful lot, as his score just doesn't work that well as a stand-alone experience away from the film, and is also extremely repetitive.

Now, how does this Toshiba-EMI CD sound compared with the other two releases of the score? Actually, this one and the VAP CD sound the best overall, while Toho Music's effort comes off sounding slightly more "normalized", especially the stereo record songs. The VAP release was recorded at a much higher volume level compared with this Toshiba CD and sounds much louder (and a bit brighter), giving it perhaps the most clarity of any Hedorah CD, although the Futureland disc pretty much sounds on par with it once you turn up the volume, and has a warm sound all its own.

Overall, if you own either the Perfect CD or VAP's release from 2001, there is really no reason to seek out this Toshiba soundtrack unless you are collecting the 1993 set. The Perfect CD is the most expanded Hedorah soundtrack available today, while it also contains two very rare alternate versions of both record songs. VAP's offering has six less tracks than the Toshiba release, but probably sounds the clearest of them all. In the end, there are merits to each release and all are well worth owning if you can acquire them. Still, you can't beat the front poster art of this Toshiba CD, and unlike the VAP release, the whole soundtrack is featured on one disc, not two. On a side note, my rating below reflects the musical score; however, even though I am rating Manabe's score as only 2 stars, I also feel that Toshiba's overall presentation of this CD is deserving of a 4 star rating, while their effort is also capable of giving the Perfect CD a run for it's money too.

Rating: Star Rating
  1. Opening (M1)
  2. Give Back the Sun! (PS2 Song Mix)
    By: Keiko Mari, Honey Night
  3. Mysterious Incident at Suruga Bay (M2)
  4. Seabed Investigation (M3)
  5. Giant Tadpole (M4)
  6. Terror Underwater (M5)
  7. Ken's Cry (M6)
  8. Mysterious Monster (M7)
  9. Godzilla and the Polluted Sea (M8)
  10. Multiplication (M9)
  11. Hedorah's Landfall (M10)
  12. Give Back the Sun! (PS25 Song Mix)
    By: Keiko Mari
  13. Hedorah and the Smokestacks (M10A)
  14. Godzilla's Charge (M11)
  15. Give Back the Sun! (PS38 Song Mix)
    By: Keiko Mari
  16. Hedorah Separates (M12-T3)
  17. The Two Giant Monsters in the Factory District (M13)
  18. Green Removal Factory (M14)
  19. Fragments (M15)
  20. Hedorium (M16)
  21. Catalytic Action (M17)
  22. Source of Hedorah (M18-T2)
  23. Highway Attack (M19)
  24. Sulfuric Acid Mist (M20)
  25. Period of Anti-Hedorah Mask Circulation (M21)
  26. Nuclear Fission (M22)
  27. Weakness Revealed (M22A)
  28. Transforming Pollution Monster (M23)
  29. Preparing the Electrode Board Experiment (M24)
  30. Guitar in the Wilderness 1 (PS103 Mix)
  31. Guitar in the Wilderness 2 (M25-T2)
  32. Our Energy 1 (PS104 Mix)
  33. Floral and Aquatic Death (M26)
  34. Our Energy 2 (PS112)
  35. Telepathy from Godzilla (M27)
  36. Decisive Battle at the Base of Mount Fuji 1 (M28)
  37. Decisive Battle at the Base of Mount Fuji 2 (M29-T2)
  38. The Young Die (M30)
  39. Godzilla's Bitter Struggle (M31)
  40. Decisive Battle at the Base of Mount Fuji 3 (M32)
  41. Guidance Strategy (M33)
  42. Hedorah Approaches (M33A)
  43. Hedorah Approaches (M34)
  44. Stillness (M35)
  45. Radioactive Fury (M36)
  46. Godzilla Flies (M37-T2)
  47. Give Back the Sun! 1 (Male Chorus PS156A Mix)
  48. Victory (M38)
  49. Godzilla Departs (M39)
  50. Give Back the Sun! 2 (Male Chorus PS155 Mix)
  51. Give Back the Sun! 3 (Male Chorus PS156 Mix)
  52. Ending (M40)

    Bonus Tracks
  53. Give Back the Sun! 1 (Karaoke)
  54. Give Back the Sun! 2 (Karaoke)
  55. Give Back the Sun! 3 (Karaoke)
  56. Give Back the Sun! 2 (Male Chorus Karaoke)
  57. Give Back the Sun! 3 (Male Chorus Karaoke)
  58. Give Back the Sun! 1 (Male Chorus Karaoke)
  59. Give Back the Sun! (Record Single)
    By: Keiko Mari
  60. Defeat Hedorah (Record Single)
    By: Keiko Mari