Godzilla vs. Biollante
International Title
 Godzilla vs. Biollante
Music By: Koichi Sugiyama
Record Label: Toshiba EMI (Futureland)
Running Time: 65:01 Discs: 1
Release: December 1993 CD Number: TYCY-5361
Anthony Romero
Released under Toshiba's Futureland brand, this disc is a real treat and one of the better soundtracks in the long running series, mixing new music from Dragon Quest regular Koichi Sugiyama with stock music by Akira Ifukube from Ostinato. This combination, the first of this nature for the series, creates something with an air of familiarity, yet Sugiyama's new body of work breathes a level of uniqueness into the proceeding that makes this truly one of the more commendable scores in the franchise.

Now the first ten tracks on this disc are extended "album" pieces conducted by Sugiyama. To make it clear, these are not the direct cues that were used in the film, but are likely the original pieces that were written for the movie before being spliced up for the feature. On account of this, there is a good chunk of music here that did not appear in the film, with the most obvious example being the wonderfully soothing "The Saradia Republic" track, of which only a few seconds ended up in the movie. The other stand out track in this respect is "Bio Wars" as most of this guitar heavy theme was not utilized in the production either, and what little did make it in is mostly confined to the scene of the British agents stealing the Godzilla cells.

Unlike the 1991 CD release of composer Sugiyama's score, this disc also has 11 cues as they appeared in the film. This also means that Akira Ifukube's work from Ostinato that was used in the feature is also included. Of this new material, the most welcome addition is easily track 12, as the "main title" piece is a wonderful meshing of Sugiyama's foreboding music as it transitions perfectly into Ifukube's classic Godzilla theme to create one of the more memorable cues utilized in the series.

Finally, it's worth comparing this CD to the later day two disc set found in the Perfect Collection (G-017). The two disc release has a lot of content not found here, including the uncut Ostinato tracks, alternate takes for a few of the suites, and the full "Cell Theme". It also has the full score, as it appeared in the film, although in mono with some inconsistencies. This leads to what shines on this Toshiba release, which are the 11 cues at the end which are in stereo and crystal clear without any problems. Personally, I find this release worth it for these, as many of the shorter tracks proliferate my iPod. In the end, though, both have their strengths and weaknesses. The two disc release is a more complete package, but either is a serviceable option to enjoy Sugiyama's work.

Bottom line, fans of the character should do themselves a favor and search out this or the two disc release of the score, as it's one of the finer entries in the series.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Godzilla 1989
  2. The Saradia Republic
  3. Scramble March
  4. Asuka
  5. Countdown
  6. Love Theme
  7. Bio Wars
  8. Biollante
  9. Requiem
  10. Super-X2
  11. Godzilla vs. Biollante Opening
  12. Godzilla vs. Biollante Title
    Composer: Koichi Sugiyama and Akira Ifukube
  13. Asuka and Kirishima
  14. Miki's Premonition
  15. Countdown
  16. Ise Bay Defense Line
  17. Preparing Operation Thunder Beam
    Composer: Akira Ifukube
  18. TC System Standby!
  19. Start the Attack!
    Composer: Akira Ifukube
  20. Godzilla vs. the Attack Helicopters
  21. Ending