Godzilla: Sound EFX / BGM on Japanese Film Title
 Godzilla: Sound EFX / BGM on Japanese Film
International Title
Music By: Various
Record Label: Victor Entertainment
Running Time: 72:27 Discs: 1
Release: July 2006 CD Number: VICG-60591
Anthony Romero
Victor Entertainment's Godzilla: Sound EFX / BGM on Japanese Film disc is every sound effect nut's dream come true. Of course there aren't many CDs that focus on the sound effects in Toho films, but of those that do, Victor's release here is far and away the best. Beyond containing the Godzilla series stuff, this CD also dips into a ton of other science fiction films from Toho, including The Secret of Telegian (1960) and Matango (1963). The real draw from this disc, for more avid collectors, will actually be some of the Godzilla series stuff, as roars for Destoroyah, the menagerie of creatures from Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) and others make their sound effect "debut" here. The Final Wars stuff is a real treat too, especially all of the stuff done for Zilla and Kumonga that one hardly got to hear in the actual film. Due to the huge library of stuff here, though, Victor had to make some compromises to fit it all on. This includes dramatically decreasing the amount of silence in each track; for example, Biollante's roar is 24 seconds here versus the 35 second one found on the Howl CD (SRCL-2531), which is due solely from removing a lot of the silence in it. The ending result is a much more rapid kind of delivery, but it's nothing to stress about. Second up, Victor also had to bridge a lot of these roars, such as the ones for Rebirth of Mothra III (1998) and some of the Final Wars ones. The reason for this being done is that this disc actually hits the track limit of 99, meaning that they either had to be bridged or dropped altogether. Sadly, for whatever reason, it should be mentioned that Manda from the Showa series was left off here.

Now, in terms of the "bonus track" at the end, it's a rearrangement of the "Great War in Space March" from Battle in Outer Space (1959) conducted by Kaoru Wada for a Hitachi TV Commercial. To make it clear, this is the only piece of actual music on the disc, perhaps just so they could put "BGM" in the title. As for how Wada's cue fares, it's not bad, and it's different enough from Akira Ifukube's original one for the 1959 film to be worth listening to. Overall, this is a great release for those who are into sound effects; however, given the very niche nature of this audience, the disc probably won't have much widespread appeal.
Rating: Star Rating
    Roars of Godzilla and Other Monsters (1)
  1. Godzilla (1954)
  2. Anguirus (1955)
  3. Rodan
  4. Meganulon
  5. Moguera
  6. Varan
  7. Mothra (Larva)
  8. Mothra (Imago)
  9. Maguma
  10. Godzilla (1962~)
  11. King Kong
  12. Giant Octopus
  13. Dogora
  14. King Ghidorah
  15. Baragon
  16. Frankenstein
  17. Sanda
  18. Gaira
  19. Ebirah
  20. Mechani-Kong
  21. Gorosaurus
  22. Minilla
  23. Kamacuras
  24. Kumonga
  25. Anguirus (1968)
  26. Gabara
  27. Gezora
  28. Ganimes
  29. Kamoebas
  30. Hedorah
  31. Gigan
  32. Megalon
  33. Jet Jaguar
  34. Mechagodzilla
  35. King Caesar
  36. Titanosaurus

    Super Weapon Feast
  37. Undersea Battleship Gotengo
  38. Alpha (Latitude Zero)
  39. Alpha (The Mysterians)
  40. Black Shark
  41. Super-X
  42. Garuda
  43. Full Metal Missile

    A Premonition of Invaders
  44. Mysterian Dome
  45. Mysterian UFO
  46. Natarl UFO
  47. Xilien UFO
  48. UFO (Godzilla 2000: Millennium)

    Roars of Godzilla and Other Monsters (2)
  49. Godzilla (1984)
  50. Shockirus
  51. Biollante
  52. Godzilla (1991)
  53. Godzillasaurus
  54. Dorats
  55. King Ghidorah (1991)
  56. Mecha-King Ghidorah
  57. Mothra (1992 Larva · Imago)
  58. Battra (Larva · Imago)
  59. Mechagodzilla (G-Force)
  60. Rodan (1993)
  61. Baby Godzilla
  62. SpaceGodzilla
  63. Moguera (1994)
  64. Little Godzilla
  65. Destoroyah
  66. Godzilla Junior

    Transformed Humans
  67. Electrical Transmission Machine and Chamber Sounds
  68. Human Vapour
  69. Matango

    Beam Song
  70. Mesa Discharge Sound (Maser Cannon)
  71. A-Cycle Light Ray
  72. Xilien UFO Beam Sound
  73. Mesa Discharge Sound (Type 90 Maser Cannon)

    Return of Mothra
  74. Rebirth of Mothra (1996) Related Sounds:
    Mothra Imago, Mothra Larva, Mothra Leo, Desghidorah, Garu-Garu, Fairy
  75. Rebirth of Mothra II (1997) Related Sounds:
    Mothra, Aqua Mothra, Dagahra, Garu-Garu II, Fairy, Ghogo
  76. Rebirth of Mothra III (1998) Related Sounds:
    Mothra, Armor Mothra, King Ghidorah, Cretaceous King Ghidorah, Garu-Garu III, Fairy

    Roars of Godzilla and Other Monsters (3)
  77. Godzilla (1999)
  78. Orga
  79. Godzilla (2000)
  80. Megaguirus
  81. Godzilla (2001)
  82. Baragon (2001)
  83. Mothra (2001 Larva · Imago)
  84. King Ghidorah (2001)
  85. Godzilla (2002)
  86. Type 3 Kiryu: Mechagodzilla
  87. Mothra (2003 Larva · Imago)
  88. Type 3 Kiryu (Restored): Mechagodzilla
  89. Rodan (FW) [Roar, Flight Sounds]
  90. Zilla
  91. Anguirus (FW)
  92. Kamacuras (FW), Kumonga (FW), Ebirah (FW)
  93. Minilla (FW)
  94. Manda (FW), King Caesar (FW)
  95. Mothra (FW)
  96. Gigan (FW)
  97. Monster-X, Keizer Ghidorah
  98. Godzilla (FW)

    Special Bonus Music Track
  99. The Great War in Space March
    From Hitachi TVCM "Declaration"
    Composer: Akira Ifukube, Arranged: Kaoru Wada