Godzilla + Rodan
International Title
 Godzilla / Rodan
Music By: Akira Ifukube
Record Label: Toshiba EMI
Running Time: 73:48 Discs: 1
Release: April 2001 CD Number: TYCY-10047
Anthony Romero
Released in 2001 under the Futureland label to coincide with the DVD debut of the films by Toho, this disc contains the full soundtracks to both Godzilla (1954) and Rodan (1956). The CD is packed, but does manage to squeeze every last cue from both films onto the CD, although lacks any outtakes for either feature.

In regards to the music, this is classic Akira Ifukube. The release contains both of his earliest scores in the "kaiju genre" and certainly some of his better known work. The score for Godzilla, naturally, introduces many classic themes to audience which would later become synonymous with the character and franchise. Chief among them being the "Main Title" and the "Frigate March", which would later become the Godzilla theme and the "Great Monster War March" respectively. The score also has the very somber, yet touching, theme for "Godzilla at the Ocean Floor", while simultaneously featuring the more gothic like cues for the monster's rampage such as "Godzilla Comes Ashore". Regretfully, this is the same presentation found on Toshiba's earlier CD release for the soundtrack (TYCY-5345). This means that the "Prayer for Peace" track has the awkwardly placed dialogue sequence from the film before going into the actual prayer, an aspect that was corrected for the La-La Land Records release (LLLCD-1022) but still found in the first Godzilla Box (G-001). Like all other appearances of this song, it sounds very harsh in places. As a side note, the child screaming is included in the "Tragic Sight of the Imperial Capital", which is as the track was recorded.

The score for Rodan, while not nearly as legendary as the one for Godzilla, is still a decent body of work from Ifukube. This soundtrack is a little more dark in tone than its counterpart on this CD, with the "Main Title" being a particularly well done and ominous theme. Regretfully, it's really dragged into the ground for this score, appearing again and again in different versions. Some of these, such as "Shockwave Fury", are quite lackluster as well. Still, despite a few weak cues here, the score still has enough good ones to merit a positive recommendation. The appropriately sorrowful "Amnesia" and "Ending" themes are two great examples, and each stands out from the other music on this soundtrack quite well. "Get Rodan" is probably the star attraction here, though, which provides the score with a much needed rousing march from Ifukube. Despite being removed from the US cut, the theme is probably the best remembered one from the film, and was later reused for Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991) in a similar scene. As previously mentioned, this CD only contains the soundtrack for the 1956 movie. The bonus tracks, found on TYCY-5498, are absent.

Now, the interesting aspect about this release in particular is that it's actually a stereo release. Toshiba has gone through the effort of rechanneling the audio, accredited to KSR Remastering, for this release to give it a bit of depth. It's hardly night and day, though, and to many this will probably go largely unnoticed. Still, it does provide a needed kick to a few tracks, such as "Desperate Broadcast" for Godzilla and "Get Rodan" from Rodan. It's a minimal improvement over the original mono offerings, but an improvement all the same.

Overall, this is a pretty nice release. It brings a little bit of everything to the table, being both a budget release by including two scores and something for collectors due to the rechanneling. Both scores are available in better form elsewhere, LLLCD-1022 and TYCY-5498 respectively, but more price conscious soundtrack fans should love this release for what it offers.

As a side note, this disc was also given a "promotional run" by Toshiba, with "sample" copies distributed to help advertise the release. These sample CDs can be separated from retail copies by text that is printed on the center of disc, as seen in the image which were provided by the copy in Robert Storch's collection. These sample CDs also have small stickers placed on the back cover, but otherwise are identical to their retail counterparts.
Rating: Star Rating
    Godzilla (1954)
  1. Main Title (M1)
  2. Footsteps M.E. (M2)
  3. Sinking of Eikou-Maru (M3)
  4. Sinking of Bingou-Marou (M4)
  5. Anxieties on Ootojima Island (M5)
  6. Ootojima Temple Festival (M6)
  7. Stormy Otojima Island (M7)
  8. Theme for Ootojima Island (M9)
  9. Frigate March I (M11)
  10. Horror of the Water Tank (M13)
  11. Godzilla Comes Ashore (M14)
  12. Godzilla's Rampage (MA')
  13. Desperate Broadcast (MB)
  14. Godzilla Comes to Tokyo Bay (MC)
  15. Intercept Godzilla (M16)
  16. Tragic Sight of the Imperial Capital (M17)
  17. Oxygen Destroyer (M20)
  18. Prayer for Peace
  19. Frigate March II (M21)
  20. Godzilla at the Ocean Floor (M22)
  21. Ending (M23)

    Rodan (1956)
  22. Main Title (M1-T2)
  23. The First Victim (M2)
  24. Tragedy in the Tunnel (M3)
  25. Meganulon Appears (M4)
  26. The Terror of Meganulon (M5)
  27. The Meganulon Pursuit (M6)
  28. Cave-In (M7)
  29. Earthquake (M8-T2)
  30. Amnesia (M9)
  31. Tracking Supersonic Speed (M10-T2)
  32. The Shadow Across the Sky (M11-T2)
  33. The Birth of Rodan (M12)
  34. The Huge Underground Cavern (M13)
  35. Rodan Emerges (M14-T2)
  36. Get Rodan (M15)
  37. Rodan Flies to Sasebo (M16)
  38. Rodan and the Saikai Bridge (M17)
  39. Rodan Attacks Fukuoka I (M18)
  40. Shockwave Fury (M18A)
  41. Rodan Attacks Fukuoka II (M19)
  42. Self Defense Force at Aso (M20)
  43. The Great Nature of Aso (M21-T3)
  44. Ending (M22)