International Title

Music By: David Arnold
Record Label: Concorde [Unlicensed]

Running Time: 49:06 Discs: 1
Release: 1999 CD Number: 9910
Many are familiar with the Godzilla: The Album CD that was released in conjuncture with the 1998 film, featuring mostly music "inspired" by the film. Very few, though, are familiar with a complete score release for the picture, and sadly for good reason. The original score soundtrack was initially planned for a late 1998 release, but was quickly canceled when the movie posted disappointing box office results; however, a promo CD of the score was compiled and distributed to a select few for means of Oscar consideration. These discs are easy to spot, as they display "For Nomination Consideration: Best Original Dramatic Score" at the bottom of the cover, although, as expected, are also incredibly rare. It was from this very limited run that the "Concorde" version was born: an illegitimate widespread release made from one of the promo discs. To be frank, there isn't anything particularly wrong with this disc as the content is mostly the same, save a few more seconds of dead space added to some of the earlier tracks. Of course the packaging is a little on the ugly side, why purple was picked for the title is anyone's guess, but it's printed on stock paper comparable to "normal" commercial releases. The disc itself lacks a cover image, as it just features text printed on the surface, while the data side is a light blue. Oddly enough, some of the track titles are different here than on the original promo as well. So, suffice to say, this release lacks in some regards, but some collectors might still take note of it because the bulk of the music featured still has yet to ever be released on a commercial soundtrack. However, please consider that this is nothing more than a bootleg, and it's rather sad sometimes to see this item go as high $40-50 toward buyers who likely aren't aware of this.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. Gojira
  2. Dawn of the Species
  3. Joe Arrives
  4. Leaving Manhattan
  5. Subteranea
  6. Warnings / Fish Bait
  7. It's Alive!!!
  8. Audrey Steals the Tape
  9. Nick Gets Fired
  10. Foreign Help!
  11. The Babies
  12. Final Encounters
  13. Taxi Chase
  14. Brooklyn Bridge
  15. Finale