Godzilla: Battle Legends
Game Title
 Godzilla: Battle Legends

Music By: Alfa System
Record Label: Toho

Running Time: 35:44 (39:44) Discs: 1
Release: February 1994 CD Number: TCCD-4001
One of the nice things about Super CD-Rom titles is that the game disc can be inserted into a CD player to hear the video game's soundtrack. This might have seemed like a nice deal, getting both the game and its music on CD, until one factors in the absurd prices of the system's discs, with this one originally retailing for ¥8,200 (or $76 back in 1994). Anyway, this disc clocks in at about 35:44 with the audio tracks, although there are data portions of the CD that will translate into dead space when played through a CD player and increase the runtime. The first track is simply a notification, where a women in Japanese relates how this is in fact a game for the HE System PC Engine (Turbo Duo). The next track is then dead space before the actual music starts on the third with the "Stage Select." For video game music, most of the stuff here isn't unpleasant. A couple of them are quite good in fact, such as the "Character Select" music that would also be reused for the Super Nintendo game Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters. Track 16 is the Godzilla theme by maestro Akira Ifukube, with this particular cue being taken from his Ostinato work that was also used in Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989). Track 17 is a cue that appears exclusively in Versus mode and is a heavily modified version of the Godzilla theme, complete with a short guitar riff, that is only recognizable in a few parts. The "Opening" track is another one that features a modified version of Ifukube's Godzilla theme, although it's worth mentioning that this track has sound effects overlapped on it that play in the same fashion that they do during the opening "cut scene" before reaching the main menu.

It should be noted that the tracks have no titles, and that the site's staff has compiled the ones below using primarly just the stage names or what screens they are tied to.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. HE System CD-Rom Notification
  2. Data Track [Dead Space - 1:51]
  3. Stage Select
  4. Continue?
  5. Game Over
  6. Osaka Castle
  7. Base of Mount Fuji (Daytime)
  8. World Childern's Land
  9. Planet X
  10. Base of Mount Fuji (Night)
  11. Shore of Lake Motosu
  12. Okinawa: Manzamo
  13. Ashinoko
  14. Abashiri Ohara Field
  15. Philippines Trench
  16. Godzilla Theme
    Composer: Akira Ifukube
  17. Versus
  18. Bonus Stage
  19. Toho and Alfa Systems
  20. Opening
  21. Ending
  22. Character Select
  23. Data Track [Dead Space - 0:03]
  24. Data Track [Dead Space - 1:49]