Godzilla: Final Wars
International Title
 Godzilla: Final Wars
Music By: Keith Emerson
Record Label: Victor Entertainment
Running Time: 69:07 Discs: 1
Release: December 2004 CD Number: VICP-62936
Anthony Romero
The soundtrack for the 50th Anniversary Godzilla film is a slight mixed bag. The music itself was divided amongst three composers: Keith Emerson, Daisuke Yano and Nobuhiko Morino. Emerson's work makes up the majority of this score, but not by a very large margin. It would be interesting to know what the back story behind this decision might have been, as Emerson was officially announced during the movie's production and the addition of the two composers behind Alive's score weren't known until fairly late in the process, especially that they would be doing such a huge part of it.

Regardless, the final soundtrack is an uneven effort. There are some great themes here, like "The Beginning of the End" and "The Arrival", while also some fairly awful ones like "Back in Action" and the made-for-TV-esque "End Titles". The disc rounds out its runtime with six additional tracks (24-29) by Emerson. Most of these didn't appear in the actual film, while two of them were spliced together to form the "End Titles" that were used. Emerson also does an "update" of two Akira Ifukube themes for this disc, with the first being of the "Monster Zero March" and the second being of the "Godzilla Theme".

Overall, it's not a bad CD, but there are enough questionable cues here to probably turn off a few, while those looking for a more "traditional" type of Godzilla score akin to Ifukube's efforts will likely be disappointed.

As a bit of side notation, the soundtrack isn't full as it's missing the two stock Masaru Sato themes and the SUM 41 song, although these can be found on other releases.
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  1. Theme of Godzilla
    By: Akira Ifukube
  2. The King of the Monsters
    By: Daisuke Yano
  3. The Beginning of the End
    By: Nobuhiko Morino
  4. Manda vs. Gotengo
  5. Manda vs. Gotengo Part 2
  6. Training Facility Fight
  7. EDF Museum
  8. Infant Island
  9. Rodan Attacks N.Y.C
  10. The Arrival
    By: Daisuke Yano
  11. The Proof
    By: Nobuhiko Morino
  12. Reveal
    By: Nobuhiko Morino
  13. High Battle
  14. Operation : Final War
    By: Nobuhiko Morino
  15. Area G
    By: Nobuhiko Morino
  16. Return of the King
    By: Daisuke Yano
  17. Ready for Rumble
    By: Daisuke Yano
  18. Kazama's Sacrifice
  19. Back in Action
    By: Nobuhiko Morino
  20. Awaken
    By: Daisuke Yano
  21. Fight Back
    By: Daisuke Yano
  22. The Rising
    By: Daisuke Yano
  23. Ending Title
  24. Awakening G.
  25. Respect G.
  26. First Meeting
  27. Monster Zero March
  28. Cruising the Cittro-Stratus
  29. Godzilla Main Theme