Godzilla X Mechagodzilla (Perfect Collection 6)
International Title
 Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla
Music By: Michiru Oshima
Record Label: Toho Music
Running Time: 76:49 Discs: 1
Release: April 2010 CD Number: G-026 (Set)
Anthony Romero
Simply put, this soundtrack by Michiru Oshima is one of the best in the franchise. Utilizing the vast Moscow International Symphonic Orchestra, Oshima constructs a number of excellent cues for the movie that come alive with depth and power thanks to the grand orchestra at her disposal. Her Godzilla theme returns here from Godzilla vs. Megaguirus (2000), but otherwise this is a totally new experience that introduced a wide range of themes that are now instantly recognizable to Godzilla fans. The Perfect Collection version preserves all of the music already released, while also introducing some bonus tracks to sweeten the overall package.

To go more in depth on this score, it's hard to know where to start as so much is done right. There are literally a ton of tracks from this release which stand as some of the better themes in the series. As previously mentioned, her version of the Godzilla theme returns, and is better than ever. It is used in a number of cues here, but its best uses are "Godzilla Lands - Godzilla × the Special Defense Forces" and "Godzilla Detected - Interception". Both benefit from the larger orchestra, as the drum work gives the theme a huge sense of mass that feels right at home with the Godzilla character. "The Skeleton of Godzilla" is another swing at this theme, although this one is more foreboding and fits the intended scene perfectly. "Ominous Memories", utilized in the scene with stock footage from Mothra (1961) and The War of the Gargantuas (1966), is also another fan favorite, and with good reason as it's one of the most memorable cues from the entire series. "Intense Fighting I" and "Running Wild" are two more great themes, each conveying a sense of action that their sequences required. "Announcement Ceremony for Type3: Kiryu" is another fantastic theme, which would become synopsis with the Kiryu character, although really the strength of this score is that its a wonderful standalone listening experience from start to finish.

Now, as for this release in particular, it does have some new content over the previous CD by King Records (KICA-586). All of this is found in the bonus tracks, each of which is new. Although unmarked, each of these tracks, except the first, is an outtake. The outtakes pale in comparison to what made it into the film, but they are different enough to make listening to them an interesting experience for those curious on the evolution of the score. Besides these bonus tracks, the CD is mostly unchanged from the previous release, although cues have been broken down so that each is found in a separate track rather than joined together as some previously were. This is overall an improvement, although some of the joined tracks actually worked better together, such as the "G's Theme I" (which was all M2) and the old "Running Wild" (M16 + M17). It's unfortunate not to see some of those better suites return, but given how full this CD is there simply isn't room for them anymore, sadly.

Overall, this disc has some new content, but nothing that stands out as a truly remarkable new addition. Regardless, the score itself is still fantastic as ever, and any fan with even a passing interest in the character and the related music owes it to themselves to pick either this or the King Records CD (KICA-586) up.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Toho Logo - Transport Duty (M1)
  2. Godzilla Lands - Godzilla × the Special Defense Forces (M2 · First Half)
  3. Mesa Blow (M2 · Second Half)
  4. Main Title (M3)
  5. Ominous Memories (M4)
  6. Memorial Service (M5)
  7. Appearance Requested (M6)
  8. The Skeleton of Godzilla (M7)
  9. Leaving School (M8)
  10. Akane's Great Effort - Kiryu's Construction (M9)
  11. Return - Kiryu (M10)
  12. Intensive Training (M11)
  13. Akana and Sara (M12)
  14. Announcement Ceremony for Type3: Kiryu (M13)
  15. Mobilization (M14)
  16. Godzilla × Type3: Kiryu (M15)
  17. Awaking (M16)
  18. Running Wild (M17)
  19. Crash of the Type3: Shirasagi (M18)
  20. Functions Stop (M19)
  21. Investigation Into the Cause (M20)
  22. Trust - Sara's Shorea Plant (M21)
  23. Godzilla Detected - Interception (M22)
  24. The Prime Minister's Decision (M23)
  25. Flying (M24)
  26. Intense Fighting I (M25)
  27. Intense Fighting II (M26)
  28. Absolute Zero (M27)
  29. Akana's Resilience (M28)
  30. Power Outage (M29)
  31. Reactivation - Kiryu's Will (M30)
  32. Crisis - Decisive Battle (M31)
  33. Godzilla Immortal - The End of the Fight (M32)
  34. End Credits (M33)
  35. Salute! - Ending (M34)

    Bonus Tracks
  36. Akane's Great Effort - Kiryu's Construction (M9 Edit)
  37. Toho Logo - Transport Duty (M1)
  38. Godzilla Lands - Godzilla × the Special Defense Forces (M2 · First Half)
  39. Main Title (M3)
  40. Mobilization (M14)
  41. Godzilla × Type3: Kiryu (M15)
  42. Intense Fighting I (M25)
  43. Godzilla Immortal - The End of the Fight (M32)
  44. Salute! - Ending (M34)