Godzilla X Megaguirus: The G Extermination Strategy (Perfect Collection 6)
International Title
 Godzilla vs. Megaguirus
Music By: Michiru Oshima
Record Label: Toho Music
Running Time: 66:37 Discs: 1
Release: April 2010 CD Number: G-024 (Set)
Anthony Romero
The score for the 2000 Godzilla movie marks Michiru Oshima's first work on the character. Her early start shows promise, with a lot of great themes that make this an overall enjoyable experience. It's not quite as polished as either her Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002) or Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (2003) scores, and does suffer a bit from the smaller orchestra, but the film isn't lacking when it comes to memorable themes which truly mark this as a good soundtrack in the franchise.

Although presented better in her later soundtracks, this score deserves credit for being the originator of Oshima's Godzilla theme, which is probably the most memorable theme attributed to the character that was not composed by Akira Ifukube. This new Godzilla theme is a powerful one, conveying a sense of foreboding and really capturing the size of the creature like no other that has been used for the monster. Speaking of Ifukube, though, there are two tracks from the maestro mixed into the score. The two in question are "1954: Godzilla Attacks Tokyo - Reconstruction", from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993), and "Godzilla Lands in Odaiba", from Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995). Outside of those, though, the soundtrack is solely Oshima's and unlike Godzilla 2000: Millennium (1999), where the Ifukube theme stole the show, they feel better balanced with the excellent themes created for this film. The best of these has to be "Godzilla × Megaguirus II", which is a wonderfully energetic battle theme. Really, though, the entire climax is filled with great music. The rest of the score doesn't quite reach that level, sadly, but still has some good themes as well, such as "1966: Godzilla Attacks Tokai - Government's Decision" and the "Main Title".

In terms of new content compared to previous releases, there isn't much. The "Nichiei News" is finally included here, along with two different outtakes of that theme, while the disc also has an outtake from the 1996 attack sequence. Otherwise the content is unchanged, besides M3 and M21 being broken into two tracks while the unused cues have also been moved to the end of the disc. However, this assumes someone has the "Plus" soundtrack (NCS-261) that was released as part of the DVD set. In reality, though, many probably missed out on that, in which case this soundtrack offers those 23 new tracks as well. As a side note, the edit of the first Ifukube theme is different on here from how it appears on the Victor release (VICL-60613). It has been edited here with a shorter runtime, better representing how it appears in the film, although the version on the Victor release has a more gradual fade to silence and sounds better overall, even if its less true to the movie source.

Overall, this disc isn't very improved over the previous release by Toho Music, but does offer the most complete and, dare I say, likely perfect presentation of the score that one can hope for. Oshima's music is, as always, a treat here as well, and will always be regardless of the release one might choose to pick for enjoying this soundtrack.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Nichiei News (M1)
  2. 1954: Godzilla Attacks Tokyo - Reconstruction
    Composer: Akira Ifukube
  3. 1966: Godzilla Attacks Tokai - Government's Decision (M2)
  4. 1996: Godzilla Attacks Osaka (M3T2 · First Half)
  5. Superior Officer Miyagawa's Demise (M3T2 · Second Half)
  6. Main Title (M4)
  7. Scout (M5)
  8. Special G Task Force (M6)
  9. Unfortunate Disaster (M7)
  10. G Confirmation I (M8)
  11. Test Preparation (M9)
  12. Black Hole Gun Engaged (M10)
  13. The Late Night Abnormality (M12)
  14. Dumping the Egg (M13)
  15. Identification Tag (M14)
  16. Cell Division (M15)
  17. Meganulon (M16)
  18. Kiriko and Jun (M18)
  19. G Confirmation II (M19)
  20. The Griffon Mobilizes (M20)
  21. Godzilla Surfaces (M21 · First Half)
  22. Transmitter Installed (M21 · Second Half)
  23. Dimension Tide (M22)
  24. Submerged Shibuya (M23)
  25. The Underwater Search in Shibuya - Godzilla in the Trench (M24)
  26. Leading (M25)
  27. Flight of the Meganula (M26)
  28. Starting the Dimension Tide (M27)
  29. Godzilla × Meganula (M28)
  30. The Dimension Tide Fires (M29)
  31. Immortal Godzilla (M30)
  32. Larval Growth (M31)
  33. Megaguirus is Born (M32)
  34. Ultra-High Frequency (M33)
  35. The Ultimate Combat Form (M34)
  36. Godzilla to Tokyo (M35)
  37. Godzilla Lands in Odaiba
    Composer: Akira Ifukube
  38. Godzilla × Megaguirus I (M36)
  39. The Effect of Ultra-High Frequency (M39)
  40. Godzilla × Megaguirus II (M40)
  41. Godzilla × Megaguirus III (M41)
  42. Godzilla × Megaguirus IV (M42)
  43. Program Restored - Conclusion (M43)
  44. The Falling Dimension Tide (M44)
  45. Kiriko's Decision - Lock On (M45)
  46. Dimension Tide × Godzilla (M46)
  47. A Moment of Victory (M47)
  48. End Credits (M48)

    Bonus Tracks
  49. Nichiei News (M1)
  50. Nichiei News (M1 · Oshima Version)
  51. 1996: Godzilla Attacks Osaka (M3T1 · First Half)
  52. Superior Officer Miyagawa's Demise (M3T1 · Second Half)
  53. Space-Time Distortion (M11)
  54. Witness Meganula! (M17)
  55. Appearance! I (M38A)
  56. Appearance! II (M38B)
  57. Ending Material (M48A)
  58. Ending Material (M48B)