Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (Perfect Collection 5)
International Title
 Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II
Music By: Akira Ifukube
Record Label: Toho Music
Running Time: 69:58/75:10 Discs: 2
Release: January 2008 CD Number: G-020 (Set)
Anthony Romero
First, thanks goes to Jessica Stan for sending this in for review!

The first CD set in the fifth "Perfect Collection" box is for Akira Ifukube's fantastic score for Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II. The composer strikes the perfect balance here of both updated themes with a sprinkle of new material and crafts a soundtrack that tends to be high up on most fan's lists of favorite Godzilla scores. His new Mechagodzilla theme, which seems to hark back to his work on King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) while also giving a vibe fitting for a sumo wrestler, is a great cue, while the return of the Godzilla theme and the long awaited reappearance of the Rodan theme round out a solid mesh of motifs for the three monsters. The composer's theme for Baby Godzilla, seen in tracks such as "Baby and Azusa", works well and is a bit more soothing than the other material. The "G-Force March" is also another fantastic theme from the composer, and demonstrate why he's so talented with crafting marches.

Now, merits of the themes aside, it's time to talk about this release in particular. More dedicated collectors are probably already well versed with the previous two disc release of the soundtrack by Toshiba, Complete Recordings: Akira Ifukube Toho Special Effects Movie Music 10 (TYCY-5342/3). The earlier Toshiba set was superb, containing: the original recordings, some outtakes and the final score exactly as it appeared in the movie. A great, satisfying release for a great score. End of story? ...well kind of. Rather than try to compete with the earlier two disc set, Toho Music takes a page out of their Godzilla vs. Mothra (G-019) release and goes in a totally different direction as they pile on a lot of unrelated content. The end result is neither better or worse than the earlier two disc set, although for sheer coverage of the movie itself the earlier offering is clearly superior.

As for what this set has to offer for the movie, it misses out on the film score. Instead, it includes the original recordings almost exclusively. A few of the final edits did make it on the set, most notably a few tracks at the end of Disc 1, but hardly the wealth that was found on the Toshiba set. Furthermore, the unused tracks are once again tossed in with the used material, which are tracks 18, 19, 33 and 38.

In terms of new content for the 1993 movie, tracks "Main Title (M2-3)", "G-Force Training Center (M3-5)", "Godzilla vs. Rodan (M6-1)", "Godzilla vs. Rodan (M6-2)", "Baby and Azusa (M9-2)", "Electrical Discharge Attack (M14 Extra)", "G-Force March (M16-2)", "Baby's Transportation (M18-2)", "Mechagodzilla Repair Work (M19-4)", "The Serenade of a Starlit Sky (M24-2)", "Rodan Attacks Sendai (M26-1)", "Mechagodzilla Re-Sortie (M29-4)", and "Garuda Sortie March (M30-1)" are different outtakes than have been released before. So its quite a few tracks, some of which are interesting... but most of which have off notes or other aspects which make them distinguishable as outtakes but less enjoyable to listen to. "Godzilla vs. Rodan (M6-2)", for example, has an awkwardly abrubt ending as the Rodan theme just starts to kick in again and it suddenly fades. The worst of these, and one which simply should have been left off altogether, is the "Electrical Discharge Attack (M14 Extra)". The track sounds just like the start of the normal track, but then never goes anywhere. Its over a minute straight of just a cymbal clattering. After 15 seconds, it's aggravating beyond belief... but the listener still has a minute left even at that point.

Like was mentioned before, this disc contains a good amount of material unrelated to the 1993 picture as well. Most of these are songs that were created and sold on their own originally. "Godzilla's Sorrow" and "Ran Ran Gojiran" is the material most won't be familiar with, the latter was actually used to promote Godzilla 2000: Millennium (1999), and both are pretty cheesy although amusing to hear once. The show stopper is probably the "Godzilla's Theme: The Theme of Godzilla" song by The Edge, which was used in the Godzilla Island (1997) TV show as the program's opener. It's also on the corny side, but is much more engaging and memorable than the other song tracks. There is one repeat here from the earlier Godzilla vs. Mothra (G-019) release as well, which is "Orthodox Tune: Gojirap (Ambient Mix)". This was likely done because the set contains karaoke versions of all the songs, a new aspect, and so included the original as well for listeners to compare. Sadly, the song is pretty awful, so its disheartening to see it appear twice. A repeat aside, there are a few alternate versions and the previously mentioned instrumental versions to round out a complete package for the singles. As a slightly odd inclusion, a rearrangement of David Arnold's main title from GODZILLA (1998) is also present. This track was previously found on Toshiba's Godzilla the Best 1954-1998 CD (TYCY-5617), and is obscure enough to likely be new to many. Sadly, the quality isn't quite as good on this release as the previous one, but the difference is minor and nothing new for Toho Music.

Overall, this is a nice two disc set if not an oddity due to its selection. The single music would have worked much better as a bonus disc mixed together with the similar music found on Godzilla vs. Mothra (G-019). This would have allowed for better presentations of both of these soundtracks to match the earlier two disc sets, and also would have avoided the need to repeat that one song. However, Toho Music's fascination for LPs made that an impossibility and now consumers are stuck with these awkward, if not still interesting, releases. Anyway, I personally prefer the earlier Toshiba two disc set, no questions asked. There is enough different content between them, though, to make diehard collectors take a look if they happened to already own the earlier release of this score.
Rating: Star Rating
    Disc 1
  1. Opening (M1)
  2. Main Title (M2)
  3. G-Force Training Center (M3)
  4. The Egg of Adonoa Island (M4)
  5. Rodan Appears (M5)
  6. Godzilla vs. Rodan (M6)
  7. The Music of an Ancient Plant (M7)
  8. Baby Godzilla is Born (M8)
  9. Baby and Azusa (M9)
  10. Godzilla Appears in Yokkaichi (M10)
  11. Mechagodzilla Sortie (M11)
  12. Mechagodzilla Touch Down Preparation (M12)
  13. The Supreme King's Advent (M12A)
  14. Electrical Discharge Attack (M14)
  15. G-Force March (M16)
  16. Godzilla Leaves Kyoto (M17)
  17. Baby's Transportation (M18)
  18. Mechagodzilla Repair Work (M19)
  19. Garuda Simulation (M20)
  20. Kazuma and Azusa (M21)
  21. ESPer Chorus (M22)
  22. The Bird of Fire (M23)
  23. The Serenade of a Starlit Sky (M24)
  24. Rodan Attacks Sendai (M26)
  25. Rodan with Baby's Container I (M27)
  26. Mechagodzilla Re-Sortie (M29)
  27. Garuda Sortie March (M30)
  28. Rodan with Baby's Container II (M31)
  29. Garuda vs. Rodan (M32)
  30. Mechagodzilla vs. Rodan (M33A/M26 Edit)
  31. Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla I (M34A/M10 Edit)
  32. Search Eye (M37)
  33. G-Crusher (M38)
  34. Rodan Withers (M39)
  35. Godzilla's Revival (M39A)
  36. Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (Godzilla Theme Extra)
  37. Parting with Baby (M41)
  38. From Miki to Baby (M42)
  39. Ending (M43)

    Bonus Tracks
  40. Godzilla vs. Rodan (M6 Compilation)
  41. Godzilla and Rodan's Theme (M10-CD Only)
  42. Mechagodzilla Touch Down Preparation (M12 Extra)
  43. From Miki to Baby (M42/M22)
  44. ESPer Chorus · Prescoring (PS-1)
    Disc 2 - Indits Collection
  1. Main Title (M2-1)
  2. Main Title (M2-3)
  3. G-Force Training Center (M3-5)
  4. Godzilla vs. Rodan (M6-1)
  5. Godzilla vs. Rodan (M6-2)
  6. Baby and Azusa (M9-2)
  7. Electrical Discharge Attack (M14 Extra)
  8. G-Force March (M16-1)
  9. G-Force March (M16-2)
  10. Baby's Transportation (M18-2)
  11. Mechagodzilla Repair Work (M19-4)
  12. ESPer Chorus (M22-2)
  13. The Serenade of a Starlit Sky (M24-2)
  14. Rodan Attacks Sendai (M26-1)
  15. Mechagodzilla Re-Sortie (M29-4)
  16. Garuda Sortie March (M30-1)
  17. Ending (M43-1)

    Godzilla Single Collection 1992-2000
  18. Godzilla So-Fa-Mi-Re-Do (Godzilla Gymnastics - New Version)
    By: Saburo · Ichiabn Ujigami and the Uniform Improvement Commission, Composer: Hideki Aoki
  19. Orthodox Tune: Gojirap (Ambient Mix)
    By: Saburo · Ichiabn Ujigami and the Uniform Improvement Commission
  20. Godzilla's Sorrow
    By: Buka Buka, Composers: Takashi Tsushimi & Toyohisa Araki
  21. Godzilla's Theme: The Theme of Godzilla
    By: EDGE
  22. Godzilla's Theme (Instrumental)
    By: EDGE
  23. Ran Ran Gojiran
    By: Domingos, Composer: Ikkyu Yoshida
  24. Opening Title
    By: Tanigawa Kensaku, Composer: David Arnold

    Godzilla Karaoke Single Collection 1992-2000
  25. Godzilla So-Fa-Mi-Re-Do (Godzilla Gymnastics - Original Karaoke)
    By: Saburo · Ichiabn Ujigami and the Uniform Improvement Commission, Composer: Hideki Aoki
  26. Orthodox Tune: Gojirap (Ambient Mix - Original Karaoke)
    By: Saburo · Ichiabn Ujigami and the Uniform Improvement Commission
  27. Godzilla's Sorrow (Original Karaoke)
    By: Takashi Tsushimi & Toyohisa Araki
  28. Godzilla's Theme
    By: EDGE
  29. Ran Ran Gojiran (Original Karaoke)
    By: Ikkyu Yoshida