Godzilla (Perfect Collection 4)
International Title
 The Return of Godzilla

Music By: Reijiro Koroku
Record Label: Toho Music

Running Time: 68:30 Discs: 1
Release: October 2006 CD Number: G-016 (Set)
As Toho ushered in a new tone to the title character with the 1984 film, returning the monster to his more threatening and imposing roots, the company also brought on a new composer to set the stage accordingly. Enter Reijiro Koroku who crafts a score perfectly at home in this much more gothic take on the series than audiences were used to in the previous decade. To Koroku's credit, he creates a number of great themes for this film, such as the "Main Title", "The Crimson City" and "Godzilla Falls into Mt. Mihara". His range as a composer is also apparent here, as beyond the more gothic tone to his work on this soundtrack, Koroku also breaks out a few action oriented pieces such as "The Super-X Mobilizes" and his Self-Defense Force theme. To further compliment the composer, none of these feel out of place either and work surprisingly well when placed alongside some of the more eerie themes present. The way Koroku manipulates emotion in some of his cues is also impressive, especially the "Emergency Evacuation Ordered" theme which perfectly conveys the type of emotion that the scene is meant to create. Now one could argue that this soundtrack works better in context with the film than as a stand alone affair, which I fully agree with; however, I would also add that this score still makes for an excellent isolated experience and is certainly one of the more distinct and memorable scores committed to the long running Godzilla series.

Now, in terms of the presentation of the score in the Perfect Collection, there are no complaints to be had. It certainly is the most complete arrangement of the film's soundtrack to date, although a lot of the "new" themes in the actual score, which weren't included on previous CDs, sound identical enough to other cues that the difference isn't as grand as one would have hoped for. Thankfully, this disc also has about ten minutes of outtakes, and some bridged themes. Most of these are pretty different compared to what ended up being used for those scenes, however, the general themes themselves appear, more or less, elsewhere in the score, save the different take on the "Main Title" that features more explicit piano work. For whatever reason, most of the great bonus stuff for this film made it onto the Godzilla vs. Mothra (G-019) release for this set. Regardless, though, there isn't much to this particular disc compared to the previous release by Toshiba in 1993 to merit "upgrading", but those who have never purchased the soundtrack before should undoubtedly seek this one out over the other versions on CD. However, one thing worth mentioning is the fact that this disc actually contains the original ending song that appeared in the movie, which was done by a European group called "The Star Sisters". For reference, the 1993 Toshiba disc used a different version of this tune, which had the same lyrics but was sung by Yoshimi Niikura and Jackie; collectors should have no fear, though, as Niikura's version still appears in this box set, although on the second Godzilla vs. Mothra disc.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. Main Title (M1-T2)
  2. The Enormous Shadow (M2)
  3. Victim (M3)
  4. The Mysterious Creature (M4)
  5. The True Identity of the Enormous Creature (M5)
  6. Hayashida Research Institute (M6)
  7. Maki and Naoko (M7)
  8. The Soviet Nuclear Submarine's Crisis (M8)
  9. The Terror in the Ocean's Depths (M9)
  10. The Ban is Lifted on the News (M10)
  11. Report I (M11)
  12. Naoko's Sorrow (M12-T2)
  13. The Search for the Enemy Begins (M12A)
  14. Godzilla Emerges at the Ihama Nuclear Power Plant (M13)
  15. The Destruction of the Nuclear Power Plant (M14)
  16. Report II (M14A)
  17. The Mt. Mihara Crater (M15)
  18. US-Soviet Special Envoys Arrive (M16)
  19. To the Prime Minister's Relief (M17)
  20. Soviet Nuclear Satellite (M33A)
  21. Emergency Evacuation Ordered (M18)
  22. The Self-Defense Forces go to Mt. Mihara (M18A)
  23. Coast Lookout Preperations (M18B)
  24. Godzilla Appears (M19)
  25. Baramebo (M20)
  26. Godzilla Devastates Yurakucho (M21-T2)
  27. The Guidance Strategy Begins (M22)
  28. Deserted Streets (M23)
  29. The Life of the Town (M23A)
  30. Godzilla and the Magnetic Substance (M24)
  31. The Super-X Mobilizes (M25)
  32. Nuclear Missile Launch (M27)
  33. The Missile Draws Near (M28)
  34. The Giant Beast Collapses (M29)
  35. Evacuation Ordered (M30)
  36. Super High-Rise Rescue (M31)
  37. The Two who were Left Behind (M32)
  38. The Desire to Live (M33)
  39. Nuclear Resolution (M34)
  40. The Red Sky (M34A)
  41. Thunder (M35E)
  42. The Awakening of the Giant Beast I (M35A)
  43. The Awakening of the Giant Beast II (M35B)
  44. The Awakening of the Giant Beast III (M35B')
  45. The Awakening of the Giant Beast IV (M35C)
  46. The Awakening of the Giant Beast V (M35D)
  47. Godzilla vs. the Super-X (M36)
  48. The Urban Center Inferno (M37)
  49. The Terror of Godzilla (M38)
  50. The Crimson City (M39)
  51. Godzilla Heads to Oshima (M40)
  52. Godzilla Arrives at Oshima (M41)
  53. Godzilla Falls into Mt. Mihara (M42)
  54. "Godzilla" Ending (M43B-T3)
    By: The Star Sisters

    Bonus Tracks
  55. Godzilla Falls into Mt. Mihara (M42B)
  56. Ending (M43)
  57. Main Title (M1-T1)
  58. Naoko's Sorrow (M12-T1)
  59. Godzilla Devastates Yurakucho (M21-T1)
  60. The Life of the Town (M23 + M23A)
  61. US-Soviet Special Envoys Arrive (M15A + M16A)
  62. The Super-X Mobilizes (M25 Edit)
  63. Good-bye Sweetheart Godzilla
    By: Yasuko Sawaguchi, Composer: Takashi Miki