Godzilla, Minilla, Gabara: All Monsters Giant Attack (Perfect Collection 2)
International Title
 All Monsters Attack
Music By: Kunio Miyauchi
Record Label: Toho Music
Running Time: 55:19 Discs: 1
Release: December 2004 CD Number: G-010 (Set)
Anthony Romero
This score by Kunio Miyauchi represents the composer's only full fledged attempt at a movie in the Godzilla franchise, although he would return to score the end song for Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972). To Miyauchi's credit, he does deliverer a soundtrack that is distinct from other entries in the long running series. Unfortunately, the contents here is just not diverse enough to maintain interest. A bulk of it feels like the same theme modified and repackaged over and over again, and is heard in tracks like "The Monsters of Monster Island", "Godzilla vs. Gabara" and "Ichiro's Courage" just to name a few. To be fair, the theme is enjoyable, featuring a nice big band type of presentation that is energetic. Had it been used with more restraint, it might have stood out positively, but it tends to wear on the listener by the time the disc finally finishes. Of course another track that needs to be mentioned is the incredibly unpleasant "Monster March" song done Lilly Sasaki. The cue just sounds like kids screaming out the lyrics at points, which was likely the intent but it doesn't translate into something that could be remotely called enjoyable. Regrettably, this disc also forces the song down one's throat by the end, featuring it a total of 12 times (some of these are Karaoke, though), which is sure to make even the most enduring listener contemplate reaching for that skip button. Most of these are placed side-by-side as well, making the end of the disc a relative mind field for the ears. Luckily, it ends on a bright note with the song "Pun Pun Pun", which was previously unreleased in relation to this movie. Unfortunately I'm not quite sure of the story behind this cue, but it was composed by Gendai Kano and was likely released with the "Monster March" on a record at some point. Anyway, it's a pleasant little cue that grows on you. To that point, there are a couple of themes here that are nice, such as "Playing on the Way", but overall Miyauchi kind of strikes out with this particular soundtrack.

Now, with the merits of the score itself out of the way it's time for a more technical review. Since this score has been released a total of three times with varying content, as it can be found from Toshiba (TYCY-5354) and in the Toho SFX Champion Festival set from VAP, it seems like the ideal candidate to compare and contrast how well it was remastered for the "Perfect" collection. Now first off, it should be mentioned that the music on this disc is recorded at a noticeably lower volume level than either of the two previous releases, which are at a comparable level. To compensate for this, I dumped a few of the tracks from each disc onto the computer and equalized the levels across the three CDs, using a program that does this losslessly so that the quality wouldn't be impaired. To my surprise, although possibly not to others, the "Perfect" disc fared the best without contest. The performance between the Toshiba and VAP releases were mostly similar, but the one released by Toho Music was notably improved, featuring a lot more "kick" in some of the instruments and having a greater range within the track while sounding natural. This was particularly noticeable on cues like "Ichiro Goes to Monster Island" where the trumpets at the start sounded subdued before but come across much clearer, and with more emphasis, on this new release. Of course, the difference is not night and day, but this is the superior release all the same and diehard audio aficionados should probably take note of that.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Main Title (Monster March I) (M1-T3)
    By: Lilly Sasaki, Composer: Gendai Kano
  2. Monster March II (M2-T4)
    By: Lilly Sasaki, Composer: Gendai Kano
  3. The Way Home Alongside the Tracks (M3)
  4. Playing on the Way (M4)
  5. Message from Mother (M5)
  6. Assignment of Love (M6)
  7. Ichiro Goes to Monster Island (M7)
  8. Godzilla vs. Kamacuras (M8-T2)
  9. The Monsters of Monster Island I (M9)
  10. The Monsters of Monster Island II (M10)
  11. The Strange Vine (M14A)
  12. Encounter with Minilla (M11)
  13. Gabara Appears (M12)
  14. Ichiro and the Head Bully (M13)
  15. Back to Monster Island (M15)
  16. Gabara Attacks (M16)
  17. Reunion with Minilla (M17)
  18. Godzilla vs. Ebirah (M18)
  19. Godzilla vs. Kumonga (M19)
  20. Minilla vs. Gabara I (M20)
  21. Minilla's Lesson (M21)
  22. Minilla vs. Gabara II (M22)
  23. Minilla's Unusual Strategy (M23)
  24. Godzilla vs. Gabara (M24)
  25. Ichiro's Courage (M25)
  26. Three People in the Abandoned Building (M14 · M14A)
  27. Ichiro's Crisis (M26)
  28. Ichiro Takes Action (M27)
  29. Confrontation with the Head Bully (M28)
  30. Ending (M29)

    Bonus Tracks
  31. Godzilla vs. Kamacuras (M8-T1)
  32. The Strange Vine (M14A)
  33. Three People in the Abandoned Building (M14)
  34. Monster March (M2-T1)
    By: Lilly Sasaki, , Composer: Gendai Kano
  35. Monster March (M2-T2)
    By: Lilly Sasaki, , Composer: Gendai Kano
  36. Monster March (M2-T3)
    By: Lilly Sasaki, , Composer: Gendai Kano
  37. Monster March (M1-T1) (Karaoke)
    Composer: Gendai Kano
  38. Monster March (M1-T2) (Karaoke)
    Composer: Gendai Kano
  39. Monster March (M1-T3) (Karaoke)
    Composer: Gendai Kano
  40. Monster March (M2) (Karaoke)
    Composer: Gendai Kano
  41. Monster March (Record Version - Karaoke)
    Composer: Gendai Kano
  42. Monster March (Record Version - No Chorus)
    By: Lilly Sasaki, Composer: Gendai Kano
  43. Monster March (Record Version)
    By: Lilly Sasaki, Composer: Gendai Kano
  44. Pun Pun Pun
    By: Tokyo Chorus, Composer: Gendai Kano