Godzilla (Perfect Collection 1)
International Title

Music By: Akira Ifukube
Record Label: Toho Music

Running Time: 46:23 Discs: 1
Release: September 2004 CD Number: G-001 (Set)
The landmark score to the first Godzilla film by composer Akira Ifukube. For those more familiar with the famed composer's work, this soundtrack certainly seems to stand out from his other scores as it contains a much more gothic and dreary style to it that fits the movie perfectly although feels like a stark departure from Ifukube's usually riveting and energetic work. In that respect, it's also not surprising that a lot of the stand out cues tend to be more atmospheric in nature, such as "Godzilla's Rampage" and the wonderfully done "Godzilla at the Ocean Floor". The "Main Title", which would eventually be reworked into Godzilla's own theme, does seem to maintain the composer's usual flair for military marches though, and is used to good effective throughout the score.

As far as new material goes, the bonus tracks on this release are kind of a bust. The first bonus track is the sound effects heard during the "Main Title" minus the actual music, while the other three are disappointingly just "radio drama" segments. Meaning it's just the audio captured straight off the film for three particular scenes, complete with music, sound effects and dialogue. Suffice to say, the "Film Version" extras found on the La-La Land Records release (LLLCD-1022) are much more interesting. Where this release does shine, though, is in the presentation of the score itself, which is the most definitive yet. This means that there are added cues to this particular release, such as "Chaos in Shinagawa" and "Intercept Godzilla". The other new cue is "Godzilla Appears on Odo Island", although this is just the roar and footsteps as they where used for Godzilla's first appearance in the movie and there is no actual music during this sequence. Unfortunately, that's about it in terms of new additions to the score. These tracks aren't much different then the others that were previously released either, with "Chaos in Shinagawa" literally being a bridge of two other cues. This disc does have the same clarity in its presentation like what was found on the La-La Land disc, so it's something else to tout over the older Toshiba release. This particular CD also preserves the "Tragic Sight of the Imperial Capital" track, which was altered on the La-Land release to remove the crying sounds by cropping the music at that point and merging it with a similar cue on the score. Although La-La Land does improve on its presentation of the "Prayer for Peace", as it removes the earlier dialogue in that scene, that is still found here, and starts the track more appropriately right when the chorus begins.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. Main Title (M2 + M1)
  2. Sinking of Eikou-Maru (M3)
  3. Sinking of Bingou-Marou (M4)
  4. Anxieties on Ootojima Island (M5)
  5. Ootojima Temple Festival (M6)
  6. Stormy Otojima Island (M7)
  7. Departure (Frigate March I) (M11)
  8. Theme for Ootojima Island (M9)
  9. Godzilla Appears on Odo Island (M10)
  10. Horror of the Water Tank (M13)
  11. Chaos in Shinagawa (M14 + M7-T1)
  12. Intercept Godzilla (M16)
  13. Godzilla Comes Ashore Again (M14)
  14. Godzilla's Rampage (MA')
  15. Desperate Broadcast (MB)
  16. Godzilla Comes to Tokyo Bay (MC)
  17. In Pursuit of Godzilla (M1)
  18. Tragic Sight of the Imperial Capital (M19)
  19. Oxygen Destroyer (M20)
  20. Prayer for Peace
  21. Frigate March II (M21)
  22. Godzilla at the Ocean Floor (M22)
  23. Ending (M23)

    Bonus Tracks
  24. Main Title · Footsteps and Roaring (M2)
  25. Stormy Otojima Island
  26. Pleasure Cruise Music
  27. Radio Music