G@me - Original Soundtrack
International Title
Music By: Ken Matsubara
Record Label: Pony Canyon
Running Time: 23:54 Discs: 1
Release: May 2004 CD Number: PCBG-50549
Anthony Romero
A re-release of the 2003 CD (PCCR-413), this disc was packaged inside the "Premium Edition" box set for the G@me DVD. The disc lacks its own cover, but fits nicely into the foldout casing of the set. In terms of the music found on the CD, it's a fair mix of different styles, primarily leaning toward more contemporary pieces. There are actually a number of interesting tracks showcased here. Leading the way in this respect is the self-titled "G@me" theme, which is slightly sinister although with an energetic pacing as its led primarily by a guitar with an orchestra to support it. "Reversi", another contemporary track, uses a variety of instruments, which give it a almost "tribal" like flavor. On the flip side, the more traditional tracks are "Domino" and "Cucu", each of which isn't particularly noteworthy although are still slightly soothing. The CD also contains two vocal tracks, the first of which is the infamous, or at least should be, "It's all a G@me" by Zeebra. The track is an over the top rap song to the point where it almost seems like a parody, while it mixes Japanese and English. The singer, the former front man for the King Giddra group, does a decent job, and the track is enjoyable in a cheesy sort of way. It's the type of song that brings a smile to one's face, but also one that would cause someone to leap for the stop button the minute they heard someone else approaching that might hear them listening to it. As for the other song, it's a very forgettable opera style track called "Snakes & Ladders", to which the singer is left uncredited.

The disc's biggest deterrent, though, is simply its runtime, which is an incredibly short 24 minutes in length. Regardless, I was fairly impressed by a number of tracks here none the same. Due to the length, it's certainly not something I would suggest very heavily as a standalone purchase, but it works very well as a bonus to the "Premium Edition" box set.

On a side note, I searched all over the DVD set for a track listing, but turned up empty handed. So I went with the track titles given for the 2003 CD release of the score.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Darts
  2. G@me
  3. It's all a G@me
    By: Zeebra, Composer: DJ Benkei & Ryu-ja
  4. Reversi
  5. Domino
  6. Mikado
  7. Black Maria
  8. 99
  9. Cucu
  10. Snakes & Ladders