Godzilla: 50th Anniversary Edition
International Title
Music By: Akira Ifukube
Record Label: La-La Land Records
Running Time: 46:28 Discs: 1
Release: August 2004 CD Number: LLLCD-1022
Miles Imhoff
Probably one of the easiest Godzilla CD's to find stateside, Akira Ifukube's ever chilling score for the original Godzilla film is presented here in all its power on the Godzilla 50th Anniversary Edition soundtrack. Maestro Ifukube, the most widely-known and beloved composer of the series, rendered a most dramatic and tragic score for his debut kaiju film. That isn't to say that the soundtrack itself is flat in a sense of diversity, in fact the themes can be rather upbeat and perky despite the dark undertone and allegoric call for nuclear proliferation. That being said, the more upbeat themes: "Ootojima Temple Festival" and the "Japanese Army March I" for example; are overshadowed by the mysterious, melodramatic themes: "Anxieties on Ootojima Island" and "Godzilla at the Ocean Floor" for example; and the dark and utterly somber tracks such as "Prayer for Peace" and "Ending". No matter what the emotional pull, most of the themes are simply stunning, and solidify the director's widely-accepted position as the grand master of the long-running series. Of course, there is one hiccup in the score. "Desperate Broadcast" is simply grating in its monotony. Nevertheless, the huge majority of this soundtrack is pure gold, and a wonderful, albeit it somber, listening experience on its own accord.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Godzilla Approaches (Sound Effects)
  2. Godzilla Main Title
  3. Ship Music/Sinking of Eikou-Maru
  4. Sinking of Bingou-Marou
  5. Anxieties on Ootojima Island
  6. Ootojima Temple Festival
  7. Stormy Otojima Island
  8. Theme for Ootojima Island
  9. Japanese Army March I
  10. Horror of the Water Tank
  11. Godzilla Comes Ashore
  12. Godzilla's Rampage
  13. Desperate Broadcast
  14. Godzilla Comes to Tokyo Bay
  15. Intercept Godzilla
  16. Tragic Sight of the Imperial Capital
  17. Oxygen Destroyer
  18. Prayer for Peace
  19. Japanese Army March II
  20. Godzilla at the Ocean Floor
  21. Ending
  22. Godzilla Leaving
  23. Main Title (Film Version)
  24. First Landing (Film Version)
  25. Tokyo in Flames (Film Version)
  26. Last Assault (Film Version)