From the Bottom of the Gloomy Dark Water - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 Dark Water
Music By: Kenji Kawai
Record Label: Kitty MME
Running Time: 41:59 Discs: 1
Release: January 2002 CD Number: UMCK-9527
Anthony Romero
This release by Kitty MME of the Dark Water score is sadly kind of lackluster due to the material. Composer Kenji Kawai, whose garnished quite a reputation in regards to horror scores largely in part for his work on Ring (1998), delivers a soundtrack which exceeds magnificently in heightening the mood in the picture, yet falters as a stand alone experience. Like most scores in this genre, the music is very atmospheric and doesn't translate well when removed from the visuals and scenarios from the movie. To Kawai's credit, there aren't any bad themes here, it's just that the soundtrack is very unengaging. Suffice to say, there aren't any tracks that really stand out, unless one is looking for some very eerie and subtle background music, in which case they might deeply enjoy some of the tracks like "Into the Ruins". In terms of the song "Blue Sky", done by Shikao Suga, it's definitely a pop song that seems very out of place with the rest of the contents of this disc; not to mention that it's also recorded at a much higher volume level than anything else which can be jarring. Despite seeming so out of place, though, the song itself is kind of pleasant, if one enjoys Japanese pop. Overall, though, it's hard to suggest this CD due to its nature, unless someone really loves Kawai's work on the Ring series as a few themes, like "Omen", have slight shades of those earlier compositions.
  1. From the Abyss
  2. Omen
  3. A Small Figure
  4. Longing
  5. In the Flowing Waters
  6. A Complication
  7. Yellow Dream
  8. Into the Ruins
  9. Yelling
  10. A Call from the Water
  11. Prisoner...
  12. Awakening
  13. Blue Sky - Film Track
    By: Shikao Suga