Come With Me: Remix
International Title
Music By: Puff Daddy & Jimmy Page
Record Label: Sony Music Soundtrax
Running Time: 25:25 Discs: 1
Release: July 1998 CD Number: 34K-78966
Anthony Romero
Released just a month after the first single (34K-78954), Sony double dips with another release of the Puff Daddy/Sean Combs/P. Diddy's song "Come With Me" from GODZILLA (1998).

At a running time of over 25 minutes, this is a pretty long "single". It looks pretty much identical to the previous release too, except the words remix have been added to the cover and the Toho copyright in the lower left has oddly been removed. Thankfully, this release is much better than the previous single, containing more content. The disc loses the "extended radio edit", but adds in the unedited album version. In the end this is the better choice, as having two censored versions was overkill.

Following this is the new "remix" version, which is actually a totally new song that uses the same lyrics for the first minute before going into a completely new direction. Sadly, this means that it loses the great Jimmy Page theme and is instead replaced by a mediocre rap number by Puff Daddy. Actually, scratch mediocre this song is just bad. The beat is nice for the first 30 seconds or so, but long overstays its welcome. The additional lyrics are also just odd, featuring everything from a little ode to The Notorious B.I.G. to being totally self absorbed and telling people not to "hate me because I'm beautiful". The song really dies about two and a half minutes in too, which is really bad since its a five minute song. The worst part is simply Puff Daddy himself. The song "Come With Me" works because of Jimmy Page's awesome musical talents. The remix is all up to Puff Daddy, and he simply can't carry it alone. He just doesn't have the compassion or energy in his delivery to make it interesting, and he comes off as indifferent and uninterested here as he gives a performance that is far worse than in the normal "Come With Me".

After the remix is "Out There" by the short lived group fuzzbubble. If its inclusion here seems random... well that's because it is. Puff Daddy signed the group onto his Bad Boy Entertainment label, so there is a connection there and the group did contribute this same song to the album release of GODZILLA (EK-69338). Still, the CD is dedicated to "Come With Me", making this feel like an odd inclusion. As for the song itself, it's pretty forgettable. Its not bad, but its pretty lackluster and its not hard to see why the group never made it big before they broke up rather early in their career.

Finally, the last track on this CD is the best. Its an instrumental version of "Come With Me". This means one can hear Jimmy Page's update of the music for Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" over and over again, without lyrics or interruption. Its quite a nice experience actually. It might have worked better with half the length, as at six minutes it does become a little repetitive, but still a worthwhile track.

All in all, if one wants the instrumental version of the song, go for this release. It will be cheap anyway, but just make sure to get the Remix version and not the two track single release. If one doesn't care about the instrumental version, than this release is still pretty worthless, and one would be advised to stick with the album release of GODZILLA (EK-69338) if they are hoping to get some of the songs loosely "inspired by" the film.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Come With Me (Album Version)
  2. Come With Me (Radio Version II)
  3. Come With Me (Remix)
  4. Out There
    By: fuzzbubble
  5. Come With Me (Instrumental)