The Drifting Town - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 The City of Lost Souls
Music By: Koji Endo
Record Label: Tokuma Japan
Running Time: 31:36 Discs: 1
Release: November 2000 CD Number: TKCA-72026
Anthony Romero
This 2000 soundtrack from Koji Endo is, sadly, a fairly tepid affair for the composer, despite some otherwise decent cues in its mix. It's certainly a different experience, and can garnish credit for that statement, but tends to have as many good tracks as so-so ones and is incredibly brisk in its runtime.

The CD itself starts off strong, delivering the very soothing "The Drifting Town: Avant" before making a 180 degree turn as it transitions into "Nightmare": a loud guitar and drum heavy track that is also fairly good, if a little long. Unfortunately, the score doesn't live up to its start as the rest tends to range from mediocre to "god, where's the track skip." The latter of which applies to cues like "Samba de M" and "Finale", which tend to wear out their welcome quickly. The vocal tracks here also fail to entice, although Endo should be given some credit for trying to capture the ethically diverse cast with some of his work, particularly the chant supported "The Drifting Town" track which closes the CD.

Overall, to be honest, in some ways I felt that my score for the disc is a little harsh, if for nothing more than the merits of the first two tracks; however, at a dismal running time of around half an hour it's just really hard to suggest picking up this score, especially considering the inflated prices that Tokuma charges for their releases.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. The Drifting Town: Avant
  2. Nightmare (Instrumental Version)
  3. Kara
  4. Samba de M
  5. Longe dos Oihos, Longe do Coraçào
  6. Ko
  7. Chicken Fire!
  8. Mario
  9. Cockfight Locale
  10. Finale (Instrumental Version)
  11. Violence
  12. Samba
  13. The Drifting Town