Cat's Eye
International Title
 Cat's Eye
Music By: Menya Co.
Record Label: For Life Records
Running Time: 47:54 Discs: 1
Release: August 1997 CD Number: FLCF-3695
Anthony Romero
This CD contains the score to the 1997 movie Cat's Eye and features a soundtrack done by "Menya Co.", which is comprised of Hidehiko Urayama on guitar, Chan-Kohyo on keyboard and Jia Peng-Fang on the erhu (a stringed instrument played with a bow). Menya manages to deliver a fairly unorthodox, almost trance-like at times, score for the picture. Unfortunately, their efforts falter to produce even one track that would qualify for a recommendation. In fact, a number of these cues become unpleasant quickly, due to repetitive beats or in the case of "Memory of Another Side S#103" an ungodly squealing noise that kicks in around the 3:30 mark and grows increasingly louder. The problem is that even cues that start out decently enough, like "Red Dragon S#30" or the previously mentioned "Memory of Another Side S#103", quickly degenerate as most of the cues are around three through five minutes in length and repeatedly outstay their welcome. To be honest, it's been awhile since a CD has caused me to continuously hit the "skip" button as often as I did the first time I was exposed to Cat's Eye.

Thankfully, the disc is not a total bust. The lone saving grace of this CD is the opening song, "Cat's Eye - 2000", sung by Anri. The track has a decent background beat, provided by Yuichiro Oda, while Anri has a nice singing voice, and does an excellent job of transitioning from Japanese to English during the song. It's only fault is a thirty second segment in the middle where there are no lyrics, and Oda's music isn't good enough to carry this portion by itself.

Bottom line, I'm sure somewhere out there is someone who loves this score, but I wouldn't be able to fathom why. As mentioned, Anri's song is pretty nice at least, and people interested could always pick up this album or the single (FLDF-1636). Price wise, someone would probably be better off just locating this disc, as it's still fairly common online.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Cat's Eye - 2000 (Opening Version)
    By: Anri; Composer: Yuichiro Oda
  2. Super Cat's Eye
  3. Red Dragon S#30
  4. Cat's Eye Memory
  5. Cat's Eye Action S#70
  6. Memory of Another Side S#72
  7. Cat's Eye Action S#48
  8. Memory of Another Side S#103
  9. Red Dragon S#79
  10. Super Cat's Eye (Juli's Mix)
  11. Cat's Eye Memory (Erhu Version)