The Birth of Mewtwo - Audio Visual Box
International Title
 Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back
Music By: Shinji Miyazaki
Record Label: Media Factory
Running Time: 64:48/43:03 Discs: 2
Release: February 1999 CD Number: ZMCP-596
Anthony Romero
This is an example of a soundtrack going above and beyond the normal call of duty. This two disc set features the complete soundtrack to the feature film Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back on the second disc, while a completely original, hour long, radio drama is housed on the first.

As the name of the album might suggest, this first disc is a prequel to the movie; documenting Team Rocket's first encounter with Mew, along with the death of Jessie's mother during this same event, before they begin to splice the creature's DNA to create the title character. The set also comes with a 64 page, hardbound, book that also doubles as the cover of this release. The books is meant as a supplement to the radio drama, containing full color images created by the same artists who worked on the movie, of the events in the story to provide a visual aid to the audio based piece.

In terms of the second disc, it is very much an ode to the music from the show itself, reusing a lot of the themes, but it also sets up the ground work for what would be used for the future films, including the introduction of the incredible opening title motif that would be used in all of the films following it. The disc has a lot of strong themes, such as "Original vs. the Clones! Who is Stronger!", "Mewtwo Appears" and "Awakening of the Cloned Pokémon". There are some annoying sound effects spliced in at times, but this in no way undercuts the fantastic music which is arguably a series high.

Bottom line, this set is very pricey today, but sits pretty far ahead of the other entries in the series both for the movie's soundtrack and the supplemental material provided in this set.
Rating: Star Rating
    Disc 1 - Radio Drama: The Birth of Mewtwo
  1. Episode I: Phantom (Mew)
  2. Episode II: The Birth of Mewtwo
  3. Episode III: Mewtwo and Ai
  4. Episode IV: The World's Strongest Pokémon
  5. Episode V: Mewtwo Strikes Back
    Disc 2 - Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Soundtrack
  1. Phantom (Mew)
  2. Mewtwo's Awakening
  3. Formidable Fighter, Mewtwo
  4. The Counterattack Begins (Opening Title)
  5. Aim to be a Pokémon Master '98
    By: Rika Matsumoto
  6. Pikachu, Don't Give Up
  7. Flying Dragonite
  8. Messenger
  9. Signs of a Storm
  10. Embark to the Pokémon Castle!
  11. Stormy Sea
  12. Pokémon Castle
  13. The Shadow Following Team Rocket
  14. Mewtwo Appears
  15. Awakening of the Cloned Pokémon
  16. Battle! Original vs. the Clone Pokémon
  17. Flying Pokéball Chaos
  18. Danger! Pikachu!
  19. Satoshi's Fighting Determination
  20. Original vs. the Clones! Who is Stronger!
  21. All Forms of Life
  22. Miraculous Tears
  23. To the Sky of Hope
  24. The Storm Begins to Clear
  25. In the Company of the Wind
    By: Sachiko Kobayashi