Arrietty's Song
International Title
 The Secret World of Arrietty
Music By: Cecile Corbel
Record Label: Yamaha Music
Running Time: 14:45 Discs: 1
Release: April 2010 CD Number: YCCW-30024
Anthony Romero
First, thanks goes to Jessica Stan for sending this in for review!

Like most modern Studio Ghibli films, the 2010 production The Secret World of Arrietty enjoyed a healthy mix of CDs related to their music. In terms of just Japan, as the movie saw soundtrack releases outside of the country, there was an Image album/songbook (YCCW-10109), a score soundtrack (TKCA-73537) and finally a single: Arrietty's Song. Created by Celtic singer Cecile Corbel, the single features four tracks around two different songs that are both found in the movie, and demonstrate a good deal of talent from the singer that make this CD an enjoyable experience for a single.

The title song, "Arrietty's Song," starts off with some English before breaking into Japanese. Corbel is very gifted, attracting Studio Ghibli's attention after submitting a CD to them in 2009 that landed her the music gig for the film, and has no trouble switching between different languages. That said, Japanese is good but not her strongest, and the second track on the disc, "Arrietty's Song (English Version)", is a little bit more enjoyable as her English is a bit better. Both tracks are majestic and pleasant to listen to. As a side note, a French version of the song also exists, arguably the strongest of the three and not too shocking considering it's Corbel's native tongue, and a slight shame it wasn't included with this release as well.

Track three on the CD is the second song from the film, the English song "The Neglected Garden". While "Arrietty's Song" is upbeat and majestic, "The Neglected Garden" is more soothing and low key. Both are enjoyable for different reasons, and make for a nice listening experience as a combo on this single. Finally, the disc ends with a Karaoke version of "Arrietty's Song". This last track might be the star attraction of the CD, and not because it's the best musical number off the disc, but because it's not found on either the Image album or the score soundtrack, making it a unique find for the single (note: a short "instrumental" version of Arrietty's Song appears on the score soundtrack, but this is a one minute track that is a different composition).

Overall, most will be better suited hunting down the score soundtrack and the Image album over the single. However, the instrumental track is unique and the songs are enjoyable, making this a good listening experience for those who enjoy the shorter single style releases.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Arrietty's Song
  2. Arrietty's Song (English Version)
  3. The Neglected Garden
  4. Arrietty's Song (Karaoke)
    Composer: Simon Caby