CD: Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla - Soundtrack


Godzilla, Minilla, Gabara: All Monsters Giant Attack - Soundtrack

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ゴジラ・ミニラ・ガバラ: オール怪獣大進撃
[Gojira, Minira, Gabara: Oru Kaiju Daishingeki]

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Kunio Miyauchi
Toshiba EMI

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All Monsters Attack



By: Anthony Romero

Released under Toshiba's Futureland brand, this CD features the full soundtrack for Godzilla's 10th outing: All Monsters Attack. The musical score for this production marks the first time the series has ever been handled by a composer other than Akira Ifukube and Masaru Sato, as Kunio Miyauchi is brought in to score the picture. Miyauchi, best known for his work on the Ultraman series, certainly gives the picture a distinct soundtrack that stands out from other movies in the long running series, although it's easily one of the lesser scores all the same.

The themes definitely have a "big band" type of feel to them for this score, marking a stark departure from the composer's earlier work on movies like The Human Vapour (1960). Sadly, the soundtrack gets bogged down by its extremely repetitious nature. It also doesn't help that this release is arranged by cue number instead of chronological order, which places these similar tracks next to each other and highlights this aspect even more. Not to be totally unfair, there are a couple of interesting tracks here, like the battle theme that is used repeatedly or the more care free cues like "Ichiro and the Bully"; unfortunately, this score is just better experienced in small doses in compilations as opposed to the entire soundtrack. This release rounds out its runtime with karaoke versions of the "Monster March" song, along with the record version and another karaoke variant.

Overall, this isn't a very enticing score in the long running Godzilla series. It's distinct from the stylings of Ifukube and Sato, and while at least it's not unmemorable it really just is far too repetitious.

As for how this CD compares to others that feature the score, as previously mentioned it's notable for not placing the cue numbers in strict chronological order. This is not dramatic, as the impact is on M14 and M14A that appear in different points in the movie itself, but worth bringing up as the score in both the Toho SFX Champion Festival set and Godzilla Soundtrack Perfect Collection: Box 2 don't have this same issue. As for sound quality, it's on par with the Champion Festival set but doesn't have the same range of instrument clarity as in the Godzilla Soundtrack Perfect release. As for amount of content, it has two more tracks than the Champion Festival set which are two karaoke versions of the record version of the "Monster March" and "Monster March II". Compared to the Godzilla Soundtrack Perfect release, this one by Toshiba is missing some outtakes and even more versions of the "Monster March". It's also without the "Pun Pun Pun" song found on that release, which is probably the most substantial content difference between the two. All in all, if someone is picking today, the Godzilla Soundtrack Perfect release is the best way to own the score.

Rating: Star Rating


  1. Monster March I (M1 Complete Song Piece)
    By: Lilly Sasaki, Composer: Gendai Kano
  2. Monster March II (M2-T4 Song Piece)
    By: Lilly Sasaki, Composer: Gendai Kano
  3. The Way Home Alongside the Tracks (M3)
  4. Playing on the Way (M4)
  5. Message from Mother (M5)
  6. "Assignment of Love" (M6)
  7. Ichiro Goes to Monster Island (M7)
  8. Godzilla vs. Kamacuras (M8)
  9. The Monsters of Monster Island (Unused) (M9)
  10. The Monsters of Monster Island (M10)
  11. Encounter with Minilla (M11)
  12. Gabara Appears (M12)
  13. Ichiro and the Bully (M13)
  14. Chase in the Condemned Building (M14)
  15. The Strange Vine (M14A)
  16. Back to Monster Island (M15)
  17. Gabara Attacks (M16)
  18. Reunion with Minilla (M17)
  19. Godzilla vs. Ebirah (M18)
  20. Godzilla vs. Kumonga (M19)
  21. Minilla vs. Gabara I (M20)
  22. Minilla's Lesson (M21)
  23. Minilla vs. Gabara II (M22)
  24. Minilla's Unusual Strategy (M23)
  25. Godzilla vs. Gabara (M24)
  26. Fights Alone, Lives Alone (M25)
  27. The Robber Approaches (M26)
  28. Ichiro's Rush (M27)
  29. "I Can't Stand Bullies!" (M28)
  30. Ending (M29)
  31. Monster March I (Karaoke)
    Composer: Gendai Kano
  32. Monster March II (Karaoke)
    Composer: Gendai Kano
  33. Monster March (Record Version - Karaoke)
    Composer: Gendai Kano
  34. Monster March (Record Version)
    By: Lilly Sasaki, Composer: Gendai Kano