The Three Treasures
International Title
 The Three Treasures
Language: English Release: 1959
Publisher: Toho Pages: 20

Page 1 - Page 7 - Page 9 - Page 14
Back Cover
Anthony Romero
This is the international pamphlet for the 1959 film The Three Treasures. As expected, the publication is in English with an obvious slant toward selling the picture to potential buyers. After a brief three page introduction, though, the book takes an odd turn of featuring paintings of scenes from the movie spread across two pages with a brief summary of the sequence below. This gives the pamphlet an almost "picture book" like quality, and makes it stand out from other such publications distributed by Toho. The art itself is a little mixed in terms of execution, but tends to be on the impressive side more often than not. This lasts for 14 pages before reaching the final three that go over the cast of characters and actors playing them. This section is neat for providing Toho's English names for many of the mythological characters and their spelling (example Susano versus Susa-no-o) and, oddly enough, is the only portion of the book that actually shows stills from the movie.