Japan Sinks
International Title
 Submersion of Japan
Language: Japanese Release: 1973
Publisher: Toho Pages: 24

Page 5 - Page 7 - Page 12 - Page 20
Back Cover
Toho's original theatrical pamphlet for the box office smash Submersion of Japan. This publication is a little different from other pamphlets as it focuses on more than just the finished film and its actors, containing also behind the scenes shots of the movie in production. Its most peculiar feature, though, is the pamphlet's focus on real world disasters, including opinions from professionals in the field and lengthy picture segments, such as on page 20. This aspects aside, the publication has a lot of the material one expects to find in these type of releases, as there is a great deal of production stills and promotional compositions included. A lot of these are in color, some almost the full page in size, although there are sadly quite a few black and white shots to be found as well.
- Anthony Romero