The Great Prophecies of Nostradamus
International Title
 Prophecies of Nostradamus
Language: Japanese Release: 1974
Publisher: Toho Pages: 24

Page 7 - Page 9 - Page 13 - Page 22
Back Cover
Anthony Romero
Toho's theatrical pamphlet for the 1974 disaster film Prophecies of Nostradamus. Due to the unavailability of the publication's subject, which has been under a long standing self-imposed ban due to its portrayal of victims of a nuclear strike, this pamphlet tends to fetch a higher price then most from collectors. As followers of the movie know, the self-imposed ban has also spread to books and other media in recent years, as finding any official Japanese book dated after 1998 that even acknowledges the film is nearly impossible. Unfortunately, those looking for a "fix" in regards to nice production stills from the movie will be undoubtedly disappointed with this pamphlet. It does contain four pages of color photos, with several nice shots, but that's it from the 24 page publication. Most of the photos deal more with set locations and disasters as well, as opposed to shots of the actors or the menagerie of monsters and mutants that were seen. The rest of the book is filled with small black and white production stills and information on the film. It ends with some "behind the scenes" information and photos, along with further details about the small amount of on location shooting in places like New Guinea that took place. On a side note, this pamphlet has a odd, almost patch like feel and look to the cover. I'm not sure if there was a brief period in which they produced the pamphlets like this or if this is unique to this one in particular, but I sure haven't seen another like it to date.