Book: Movie Godzilla: Final Wars 1


Movie Godzilla X Mechagodzilla

Japanese Book Title

[Eiga Gojira X Mekagojira]






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By: Dakota Holbrough (submission)

Released to coincide with the theatrical release of Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002), this book is part of Shogakukan's "TV picture book" series and solely focuses on the two titular Kaiju and practically nothing else (aside from a few very small appearances of two Shirasagi aircrafts). Like the other TV Picture books, it is geared towards children, however older fans will find a lot to enjoy thanks to the high quality photos presented on each page.

As to be expected from Shogakukan, nearly all photos are presented in colour, with the exception of one small still from Godzilla (1954) on page 4 (or page 5 if one is going by the numbered pages, though like many Shogakukan books, they count the front cover as one of the pages). Small samples of Japanese text are brightly splashed across the pages, giving it a very comic-book feel, and the pages are presented in a child-friendly and sturdy board-book format. One of the most attractive elements of the publication is how many unique and rare promotional images are included. The occasional movie screencaps are present, but most of the book features a fairly extensive gallery of rarely seen promotional images, including unique perspectives on sequences such as Kiryu's first landing, the Absolute Zero cannon firing at Godzilla, and Kiryu's infamous tail-toss. However, the highlight of the book is easily the two-page layout of Kiryu's inner workings, which showcases a detailed cutaway diagram of the mechanical kaiju, which to my knowledge, can't be found in any other publication. The only real issue with the book is it's length. Running at just 16 pages (front and back cover not included) it's a very quick read, and even quicker if one can't read Japanese or is only interested in the photos. Having said that, it retails for around $15 or less on Amazon, which helps make it an easier buy, despite its lack in quantity compared to Shogakukan's "super complete works" series.

If you own any of the other "movie" books from Shogakukan, you should know what to expect from this. It's a light but colourful peak into the 2002 film with a few rare screenshots and a couple pages of extensive insight into Kiryu, Making it an effective purchase for fans of the film. However, if one is wishing for more behind the scenes information and a more "adult" read, then it's suggested that the the publisher's Godzilla X Mechagodzilla: Super Complete Works.