Monster Planet of Godzilla
Language: Japanese Release: 1994
Publisher: Shogakukan Pages: 17
Genre: Non-fiction ISBN: 4091134947

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Anthony Romero

This release by Shogakukan is one of the firm's many "standard size" board books. Like others from the company, it's short in length and very picture heavy without much text. This shouldn't be surprising given the board book nature that skews it toward a younger crowd, but at the same time it also makes the publication not bad import material for those not familiar with Japanese. This book, due to its coverage, should be of particular interest too since it's likely not many have seen the footage it relates to, unless they have imported the region 2 DVD of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2 (1993) or actually went on the Monster Planet of Godzilla (1994) ride. To boot, this publication contains full page production stills from the Sanrio Puroland ride based on the King of the Monsters as well, and even two page spreads for some of the images. Unfortunately this zooms in to a degree where photo imperfections, notably grain, are very apparent. Granted, it's nice to see larger stills like this in circulation regardless, and the sections devoted to Godzilla's battle with Fire Rodan, Mothra and the SDF are nice to thumb through.

Overall, if it can be located for a low price, this is nice book to have due to its focus. Personally, I haven't seen the footage related to the ride in years so it's nice to be able to relive it through this release. Still, it's very short none the same, which seems even more so due to the numerous two page spreads, so don't come in with high expectations in terms of how many shots from the ride might actually be contained inside.