Making of GODZILLA
 Ron Magid, Naomi Pfefferman
Language: Japanese Release: 1998
Publisher: Toho Pages: 128
Genre: Non-Fiction ISBN: 9784924609709

Page 6 - Page 19 - Page 42 - Page 100
Back Cover
Anthony Romero

Released by Toho back during the movie's release, this book is dedicated to covering the making of the 1998 American production of GODZILLA. The publication is fairly big in terms of dimensions, and makes use of this by containing some large reproductions of production stills inside. There are also numerous photos dedicated the design of the title creature and the creation of the large scale prop used in the movie. As for a rundown of the total content, the book covers: the story, background of the producer/director, actors/characters, designing the creatures, building the props, city destruction, actual production, visual effects, and the movie post premiere, each of which is given its own chapter. The publication does include several other graphic elements to supplement these, such as concept art (although this is often annoyingly small on the page for whatever reason) and story boards. Primarily, though, it's a pretty text heavy read, especially near the latter half of the book where pictures become more scarce. It closes out the book with a rundown of the movie's credits... in English, which was probably unhelpful to the publication's native Japanese speaking audience.

Overall, it's a good if far from remarkable look at the creation of GODZILLA (1998). Due to the nature of the release, and it's general emphasis more on text than photos, it's not a very suggestible import item for those who might be unfamiliar with the Japanese language.