Book Title
Godzilla X Mechagodzilla Fantastic Collection
Year of ReleasePages
2002 82
Asahisonorama 4257036680
Page 6 - Page 38 - Page 44 - Page 52

Another entry in the Fantastic Collection line of books, this volume covers the 2002 Godzilla movie: Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla. Sadly, this one isn't as import friendly as others in the series, as it gets pretty text heavy for a good portion of the book, while the quality of the images present isn't as high grade as the series is known for.

The book starts out with a section devoted to production shots of both Godzilla and Kiryu as they appear in the film. This part is easily the highlight of this volume, as there are about 19 pages here devoted to the two with numerous, well presented, shots of each. Following this is a four page run down on the mechs seen in the film, such as the Type 90 Maser Beam Tank and the Shirasagi, which includes production shots and concept art. Like other volumes in the Fantastic Collection, there is also a large series of stills (204) that follow the film from beginning to end. After that is a 8 page "Making of GXMG" section, which has tons of behind the scenes production photos related to the film. This part ends with concept art dedicated to the design of Kiryu. To this volume's credit, there is a lot of concept art here, but, sadly, the sketches themselves are very small.

The book concludes with a lengthy (19 pages) segment devoted to interviews from the staff behind Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla. Unfortunately, this section is entirely in black and white, and devoid of many pictures to begin with. This is followed up by a 12 page glossary section, which has no pictures to speak of.

Overall, the book has enough going for it to make a worthy addition to people's collections if they generally enjoyed Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla. However, it's pretty sub par compared with other entries in the Fantastic Collection series, and not a whole lot here to make it stand out from other books on the film. The fact that about 35% of the book is in black and white, with hardly any pictures, also makes this far from the most import friendly volume in the set.

- Anthony Romero