Godzilla King of the Movie Monsters
 Robert Marrero
Language: English Release: 1996
Publisher: Fantasma Books Pages: 144
Genre: Non-fiction ISBN: 1888214015

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Dave McC

Robert Marrero's Godzilla: King of the Movie Monsters does a fairly good job on covering material from the Heisei and Showa Godzilla series. Each film, from Godzilla (1954) to Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995), is covered in the book, with an average of about 3 to 4 pages of information for each movie. The book gives a brief summary for each picture, as well as adds insight into the production for each film, several movie stills and poster art. Shane Dillman, another author, adds in supplemental notes at the end of most sections which discuss the American releases and differences between the Japanese and American films.

The book features a great deal of pictures but sadly is printed completely in black and white, which seems to take away from some of the wonderful poster art that was included in the book. Also, while the book also claims to be an illustrated guide to japans monster movies, the primary focus is of course on Godzilla. Any other information on Japanese monster movies is referenced in the filmography in the back, which is only about 22 pages, most of them having only pictures. Even that section is relatively incomplete, leaving out films such as Matango (1963) and Space Amoeba (1970).

All in all, though, for the year it was published, I am actually quite surprised at the level of detail and the amount of information covered, considering that in 1996 the last Godzilla movie brought to our shores was Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989). In closing, I would say that Godzilla: King of the Movie Monsters was a good book for its time and still has a lot of info, although it is a bit out of date.