The Godzilla Chronicles Vol. 3
Language: Japanese Release: 1999
Publisher: B Media Books Pages: 264
Genre: Non-Fiction ISBN: 4812405815

Page 12 - Page 31 - Page 163 - Page 229
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Anthony Romero

The third, and most likely last, in B Media Books' detailed series on Toho's science fiction films: The Godzilla Chronicles. This book goes over Toho's produced films in the sci-fi genre (along with Daigoro vs. Goliath [1972]) from 1954 up to 1999, with added coverage on the, then new, Godzilla 2000 Millennium (1999) and GODZILLA (1998). The book also starts with some expanded coverage on Godzilla's appearances in English comic books and the Godzilla Island (1997) television show.

The book, like others in the series, is in Japanese, but each page is nearly covered in pictures. Although most of them are in black and white, the total for the book is well over 1,500 easily compensating for this aspect. The publication starts out with eight pages, in color, of in-depth coverage on Godzilla 2000 Millennium (1999), followed by a one page report on some of Toho's TV shows, then three pages dedicated to GODZILLA(1998). This is all followed by two pages that go over Godzilla's appearances in English comic books and the monsters he inspired. The cool thing about this is that the authors do make note of the character appearing in Iron Man #193, which at the time was not a well versed fact among more diehard fans. Anyway, following this is a two page report on Godzilla Island (1997) before going over the specifics of Toho's monsters. The monster section remains pretty much unchanged from the one seen in The Godzilla Chronicles Volume 2. A lot of focus in this section is given to Yamato Takeru (1994) and the Rebirth of Mothra series monsters, both of which were missing in the first volume in the series. Like previous volumes, the English used in the monster section is questionable, and it would generally be wise to take it with a grain of salt. Next, the book goes over the posters and merchandise associated with Toho's sci-fi films, this section is entirely unchanged from Volume 2, before finally going over the movies themselves.

The section devoted to Toho's films and actors, which takes up more than 3/4's of the book, is, like in previous volumes, entirely in black and white. The section is organized by date of release and lists the film's Japanese name, in Japanese, and US title, in English. Unlike previous volumes, some of the Japanese movies after 1992, which hadn't been released in the US, have English titles in the book. The titles, unfortunately, are mostly erroneous, like "Godzilla vs. Space Monster" for Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (1994). A lot of the English titles have typos as well, examples include: Gunhead, Godzilla vsmothra, Godzilla vsmechagodzilla, and Mothra 3 Invasion of Kingghidorah. Like previous volumes, through out the movie and actor section there are "Lost Projects" are scattered in with a short amount of info on each along with some concept art or "doctored" still.

Although there are other books with a similar scope, The Godzilla Chronicles is more easily found and covers some of the numerous Lost Projects that have accumulated over the years. As it stands, The Godzilla Chronicles Vol. 3 is easily one of the best books on Toho. This will probably be the volume from the series most will want to pick up as it's the largest and most up to date of the books from the series, and it's a shame they didn't continue past this volume.