Book Title
The Godzilla Chronicles
B Media Books
Year of Release
Color (317 photos)
B Media Books

Warning: Book contains nudity

B Media Books' first in their popular, amongst fans, Godzilla Chronicles series. This book goes over Toho's Sci-fi produced films (along with Daigoro vs. Goliath [1972]) from 1954 up to 1993, with added coverage on the, then new, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993).

The book is in Japanese, but does contain well over a thousand pictures, most of them black and white, making it a popular import item for fans not familiar with the language. The book starts out with 10 pages, in color, dedicated to Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993) before going over the specifics of Toho's monsters. The monster section is pretty thorough, but isn't without its fault, and that is the questionable English names used. Some examples include Gavalla for Gabara, Jet-Jagger for Jet Jaguar, and Mechanic Kong for Mechani-Kong just to name a few. A general rule of thumb is to take all the English used in this section with a grain of salt. Next, the book goes over the posters and merchandise associated with Toho's Sci-fi films before finally going over the movies themselves. The, lengthy, section devoted to Toho's films and actors is the "meat" of the book, but is, unfortunately, entirely in black and white. This section, which is organized by date of release, lists each film's US title in English below the Japanese one. The drawback to this, however, is that if there is no US title for the film, the book won't list a English title at all instead of using the film's International title. Through out the movie and actor section, Lost Projects are scattered in with a short amount of info on each along with some concept art or "doctored" still.

Although there are other books with a similar scope, in terms of just covering Toho films, the Godzilla Chronicles is more easily found and covers some of the numerous Lost Projects that have accumulated over the years. Unfortunately, people will probably want to skip this volume in the series if they don't already have it and just pick up the more recent The Godzilla Chronicles Vol. 3; unless they want the extra color photos of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993) or the page long coverage on Prophecies of Nostradamus (1974), this film was removed from later volumes in the series.

-Anthony Romero