Book: Movie Godzilla: Final Wars 1


Movie Godzilla: Final Wars 1

Japanese Book Title

ゴジラファイナルウォーズ―えいが 1
[Gojira Fainaru Wozu Eiga 1]






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By: Anthony Romero

Shogakukan's first volume in a two series set, Movie Godzilla: Final Wars 1 is a pretty image heavy book. This statement, though, is true for all of the entreis in the company's "movie" series line, also known as 小学館のテレビ絵本 (Shogakukan TV Picture Book). In fact, there is very little written content to be found inside, which is probably a boon to most importers, as about the only text present is for captions on the many images. The book itself is fairly thick, although only runs for 16 pages, 17 according to the numbering system inside the book but they count the cover as well. The reason why the book is so big is that each page is roughly made to the same thickness as a sheet of cardboard, allowing for it to withstand the toughest abuse a child could throw at it I assume.

As for the contents of the publication, it covers most of the monsters found in Godzilla: Final Wars (2004): Godzilla, Rodan, Kamacuras, Manda, Zilla, Anguirus, Hedorah, Kumonga, Ebirah, King Caesar and closes with one shot of Minilla. The Gotengo is also covered fairly extensively inside. For those unfamiliar with Shogakukan's "movie" line, the book is mostly comprised of two page layouts with numerous images, some placed on top of one another as seen on the cover, to be found on each. The amount of coverage for each of the characters found in the book tends to be fairly even, with the sole exception of Zilla who has one picture and a couple of tiny still shots from the film.

The monsters skipped over in this book (Mothra, Gigan, Monster X and Keizer Ghidorah) are covered in the next volume: Movie Godzilla: Final Wars 2. The two books don't retail for a whole lot, the set can be purchased for around $12, but if one is trying to pick between the two, the first is generally regarded as the better of the pair because it has more (although smaller) pictures and covers more monsters.