Book: Fantastic Collection No.28 - Giant Star of Special Effects Films Godzilla


Fantastic Collection No.28 - Giant Star of Special Effects Films Godzilla

Japanese Book Title

ファンタスティックコレクションNo.28 特撮映像の巨星ゴジラ
[Fantasutikku Korekushon No . 28 Tokusatsu Eizo no Kyosei Gojira]


Tomoyuki Tanaka, Toho


Asahi Sonorama


Page 8 - Page 38 - Page 39 - Page 63 - Back Cover



By: Anthony Romero

Another entry in the long running Fantastic Collection book series, which started way back in 1977 and ran until 2008. Volume 28 focuses exclusively on the 15 Godzilla films which had been made up to this point. The publication is a mix, covering a wide range of angles on the movies, but not in any strong level of depth and sadly the book is quite old, losing out to better publications that came after it.

In terms of the contents, volume 28 starts out with an opening by Toho producer Tomoyuki Tanaka, before diving into eight pages of color shots from the Godzilla films. What follows next is nine pages of background information on the films accompanied by almost unrecognizable, as the brightness for these shots is unbearably low, black and white photos. Next is a section devoted to director Ishrio Honda and the kaiju of the Godzilla films, each are accompanied by numerous black and white photos, some of which are rarely seen in publication even to this day like the Gigan shot on page 39.

Like other entries in the Fantastic Collection series, this title is very picture heavy, which makes it more import friendly. In fact, the book has 399 photos inside, 120 of which are in color, making this a very graphical publication. However, the pictures themselves, and the more cheaply made paper which the book was printed on, aren't up to par with modern standards. The book does feature a nice section dedicated to the posters of the 15 Godzilla films, though, and has color shots of 87 different posters in all. Unfortunately, most of these photos are very small, measuring around three centimeters tall and two centimeters wide, with some exceptions, like the full size photos for the Godzilla (1954) and Godzilla King of the Monsters posters.

As a closing point, this book hasn't aged well. From a historical perspective, this publication is slightly interesting as it pre-dates the Godzilla revival that would take place for The Return of Godzilla (1984) by one year. As a result, while relaunching the franchise was no doubt on author Tanaka's mind, who does the forward and is credited as "supervising" the book with Toho (although his role in this was probably minor), it's still focused squarely on the Showa series entries, the last of which came out eight years before this was published. However, this minor point of interest aside, there are just too many better books that have come out for this one to be worth searching out, sadly.