The Art of Godzilla
 Koichi Kawakita
Language: Japanese Release: 1991
Publisher: Alligator Books Pages: 120
Genre: Non-Fiction ISBN: 4847022297

Page 32 - Page 38 - Page 78 - Page 102 - Back Cover
Anthony Romero

This publication by Alligator Books is almost fully directed toward showcasing the then recent movie Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991), despite its rather vague title. The star attraction here is nearly 42 pages dedicated to the full color storyboards for the movie, with some concept art tossed in for good measure. The storyboards for this particular movie are interesting for the number of diversions that are made versus the final product. These changes aren't only aesthetic either, such as the green haired Futurians, but contain full sequences that were never used, such as the "Maser Satellite" blasting Godzilla from space on page 38 (one can also note the superhero here fighting against rubble [#177-9], which was probably an in-joke by the artist) and other military strikes that were never lensed. Now the remainder of the book covers various photo captures from the movie, a very brief look at the Godzilla series as a whole through more captures and rounds out with some full page shots of Noriyoshi Orai's Godzilla artwork before giving a essay by Koichi Kawakita.

Overall, it's a solid book. Fans should enjoy noting the various differences in the storyboard versus what the final product looked like, while the large scale shots of the concept art are also nice to behold. Unfortunately, in an age where it's quite easy to snap capture's one's self from a DVD, the rest of the book loses a little and hasn't aged well in terms of being worth the "cost of admission", but the earlier segment does compensate enough for this to be worthwhile to diehard fans of the movie.