Blu-ray: Attack on Titan: The Movie Part 2 (Funimation)


Attack on Titan: The Movie Part 2

English Blu-ray Title (Region A)

Attack on Titan: The Movie Part 2


Japanese (5.1 Surround), English (5.1 Surround)

Aspect Ratio:

87 minutes
2 (1 DVD)
2.39:1 Anamorphic


Attack on Titan: Part 2



  • Menus (English)
  • Chapters (15)
  • Trailers: Attack on Titan Part 2 (1 trailer, 1 teaser), Rurouni Kenshin Part II: Kyoto Inferno (US Blu-ray), Drifters: Battle in a Brand-New World (US Online), Dark Matter Season 1 (US Blu-ray), Sword of the Stranger (US Blu-ray), Sengoku Basara: End of Judgement (US Blu-ray), Death Parade (US Blu-ray), Overlord the Complete Series (US Blu-ray), The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Season 1 Part II (US Blu-ray), Chaos Dragon (US Blu-ray), Heavy Object: Season 1 Part I (US Blu-ray)
  • Ultra Violet Copy



By: Anthony Romero

Released roughly two months after Attack on Titan (2015) hit home video in the US, Funimation released a stand alone DVD and a Blu-ray set for the second Attack on Titan film. That set included a Blu-ray, DVD and an Ultraviolet copy. While this release is a marginal step down from the one two months ago for the first film, it does have an okay to good video and audio presentation, although offers little in the way of extras.

As a side note, this review focuses on the Blu-ray in the set, since the DVD is sold as a stand alone.

 Video: Star Rating

For the Blu-ray, the movie is presented in a 1080p, high definition transfer. This is the original Japanese version of the movie, with no alterations in terms of onscreen text, titles or credits. English credits do appear on a separate video track that plays after the film has ended, though.

In terms of how the video track was handled, the movie doesn't feel as sharp as it could. While this includes the CGI, for which there is a lot of green screen work, it also includes the actors and monster suits as well. Furthermore, the movie feels a little darker on this release, more so than the first movie did from Funimation. This intensifies the dark elements, which gives us some nice true blacks, but feels like it mutes the already dull color palette even more. Speaking of, colors are never vibrant here, although this is the intent of the movie as it has a brown tint with earthy tones.

Attack on Titan Part 2 is presented in its original 2.39:1 aspect ratio.


 Audio: Star Rating

The Blu-ray contains two different audio tracks, with the first being the original Japanese. Offered in 5.1 surround, with Dolby TrueHD, the track features a good presentation with clear dialogue and no notable audio issues. For a surround track, though, the soundscape feels weaker in comparison to the first. Some crumbling effects after the wall explosion is about the best it comes to in terms of immersing the viewer with the audio. Still it does a good job with splitting up the dialogue into its own track and making that feel separate.

The second track is the English dubbed version, presented in 5.1 surround with Dolby TrueHD. Sadly, the dubbing performances are really lackluster here. Even the performance for Captain Shikishima, which was good in Attack on Titan (2015), slinks into mediocrity here. The worst performance though belongs to the person dubbing Hans, who besides having a voice that feels too old for the character is also reduced to awkward banshee screams often. Another note is that the surround presentation is very weak on the dubbed track. The presentation feels flatter, with lacking directionality in contrast to the Japanese track. In fact, I had trouble making out Shiro Sagisu's music on one occasion near the climax, as it felt subdued with the other effects happening.

Included with the Blu-ray are two removable English subtitle tracks. The first of these subtitles translates Japanese dialogue from the Japanese version. The second translates onscreen Japanese text, intended to go with the dubbed version.


 Extras: Star Rating

The Blu-ray for this second entry is even lighter than the first Attack on Titan. It contains two relevant trailers, one a full trailer and one a teaser trailer for the second movie in the Attack on Titan live action series. Both are the Japanese trailers with removable subtitles. Otherwise, the disc is devoid of added content save for a legion of trailers for other Funimation titles. These are the English trailers for the Blu-rays, though, so not all that interesting.


 Overview: Star Rating

Bottom line is that the Blu-ray for the second film is a marginal step down from the one created for "Part 1". All the same, though, the two are pretty comparable in presentation quality, even if the first has a slightly superior visuals and audio. The further weakening of the available extras is sad, but at the end of the day this is a good way to get the movie on home video in the US for those interested in it.