Playmates Toys continues to release additional figures for Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), adding to the toy line for the latest MonsterVerse entry. To date they have toys for Godzilla, Kong, Mechagodzilla, Skullcrawler and Warbat. There are additional variants of the two title monsters as well, offering different accessories and ones for the Hong Kong battle sequence with different paint to simulate the lighting of the battle scene.

Now joining the series is another figure for Kong depicting the character before he ventured to the Hollow Earth: Antarctic Kong.

Unveil: Playmates Toys' Antarctic Kong

The figure features snow on his fur and has a battle damage reveal in his shoulder, the same as the other Kong figures in the line. This toy also has the same articulation as others, and the same hand that can hold his Battle Axe even though this particular release doesn’t come with one.

Unveil: Playmates Toys' Antarctic Kong

There is also an added accessory of the Osprey, which were used to help ferry Kong to Antarctica in the movie. This is the same accessory that was released with the Warbat figure, although with a different coloring. That one was gray while the one with this Kong figure is all white instead.

Here is the official description from Playmates Toys’ on the new figure:

Unleash the seismic strength of the mighty Kong and wield a double-bladed Osprey helicopter as a weapon, as he battles new dangers in the unfamiliar frozen tundra of Antarctica, and prepares for the ultimate battle royale with Godzilla!

Antarctic Kong stands 6” tall and comes with an “Osprey” helicopter accessory.  It also comes with a “battle damage” reveal (removable piece).

Unveil: Playmates Toys' Antarctic Kong

The figure will be sold through Walmart for a price of $9.97 and is expected to release next month.

What are your thoughts on the new figure? Hoping to see another other variants like this released? If so, what scenes or ideas do you have based on the 2021 movie? Sound off in the comments below.