A complete translation of Godzilla Super Wars, as seen in the Japanese publication Tokusatsu Hiho Vol. 1 (ISBN: 4800306485). This early draft for what would eventually evolve into Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (1994) includes some familiar elements seen in the final movie, though “SpaceGodzilla” is referred to as “Space Godzilla” in the text, and the role of Moguera was initially intended for a rebuilt Mechagodzilla and Garuda.

Reportedly, this story was heavily influenced by the SNES game Super Godzilla… hence “Godzilla ‘Super’ Wars”. Between an older professor who specializes in G-Cells, humans being able to control Godzilla, and even the inclusion of the Super-X as a G-Force vessel for transportation, the similarities make for a compelling case. As usual, VERY special thanks to Noah Oskow for the following translation, and a shout out to John LeMay for his book The Lost Films (ISBN: 1548145254)!

~ Joshua S.


Godzilla 6 (Story Proposal)
Godzilla – The Ultimate Decisive Battle (GODZILLA SUPER WARS)


・The NASA expeditionary shuttle discovers the wreckage of a spaceship on Planet **.

Its outer layer is covered in a mysterious crystalline material. Inside lay the corpse of an extraterrestrial.

Suddenly, short music begins playing over the transmitter repeatedly.

The expeditionary shuttle collects this data to the best of their ability.


・Mikadaroi Island in the East China Sea. Little Godzilla had made this land his peaceful home.

He had grown to a height of 20 meters, and it seemed all the elements were in order to make the island the perfect habitat for a Godzillasaurus. Godzilla himself was also living in the depths of the same island.

Godzilla continued to protect Little based on the persistence of some sort of instinct. It seemed that Godzilla was willing to remain docile as long as he could provide Little with a peaceful environment in which to grow.


・G-Force’s mission was to guard and assist in navigation for the vessels that plied the seas near Mikadoroi Island.

There were two young sharpshooters proficient in both arts of aviation and marksmanship: Isamu Sakura, called “Loose Hawk,” and Koichiro Doi, known as “Stray Eagle.” Just as those nicknames implied, these were by no means ordinary men.

While their skills were acknowledged by all, they engaged in overmuch showboating, and their evaluations fell as result.

The reason these two got along so well was because of Professor Yodobashi of the G-Center laboratory. Because of the older man’s wisdom, he was able to mediate the fights between the two. As the Professor would lackadaisically spend the majority of the day at the Salon Club (a G-Force food, drink, and entertainment facility), the young researchers would often make him the butt of jokes. Together, the three of them would haunt the salon’s billiards board.


・At NASA, the music which had been flowing from the transmitter on the spaceship on Planet ** was being analyzed.

This was a signal of warning directed at all the planets of the universe.

“…The Great King of Darkness shall descend…”

Their planet had been destroyed by the mysterious monster in question.


・At the G-Center think tank, every and all the organization’s collective knowledge was being gathered together in order to research a new plan for dealing with Godzilla.

Akiho Ishimaru was a young female member of that group. (The previously mentioned Sakura and Doi had both fallen in love with her).

The project she had proposed was progressing.

Her “Project T” strategy involved putting Gozilla under the control of a device, which could be brought about by powering up the apparatus by applying the telepathy of a member associated with the Psychic Center.

The Telepathy Expansion Device was developed by Professor Jonan. He was Professor Yodobashi’s junior at the lab, but he held his superior with a cool disdain.

The person who took the initiative on the project was Vice Commander Oki of the G Force. He often collided with his ruffian underlings, Sakura and Doi.

Then, the person who was chosen for their telepathy was, of course, Miki Saegusa.

・Something had dropped down from outer space to Mikadoroi Island. This was no mere meteorite.

There were five giant egg-like objects of 10 meters in diameter.

Little’s interest was piqued.


・A reconnaissance team was sent in by G-Force, who were beholden to investigate such mysterious objects.

It ended up being that, at the same time in order, they would also conduct field testing of the Project T to contain Godzilla.

Amongst the escort troops were also seen Sakura and Doi, controlling their respective fighter aircraft, “Taranis” and “Belenus.”

Both of them, infatuated with Akiho Ishimaru, had happily volunteered for the work.

(In the myths of the Celts, Tarinis was the god of thunder, and Belenus was god of the sun. Since the time of Garuda, it had become in vogue for the G Force to name their fighter planes after gods.)

From the G Warship Super X, the telepathy put forth by Miki Saegusa was being transmitted to Godzilla, having been powered-up by the device.  Professor Jonan, Vice Commander Oki, and Akiho Ishimaru looked on.

Godzilla was now under their guidance. During that moment, the investigatory team was progressing with their work on the island.

Suddenly, the mysterious objects began to crack open, one after another. From inside emerged monstrous aliens akin to dragonflies. They swooped down on Little. Little bravely fought back. In the primeval forests of this island, a battle between a dinosaur and giant dragonflies commenced.

Just as in the prehistoric world of old.

In order to provide relief for Little, Doi took control of his beloved airplane, Belenus. And yet, the swarm of aliens was able to seize on to Little, carrying him off into the sky.

Godzilla began to go berserk. Sensing that Little was in danger, his uncouth nature came through, breaking the hold the Project T troops’ transmission had on him.

Miki Saegusa lost consciousness. She had overworked herself over a short period of time by applying such an extreme degree of concentration.


・The American expeditionary shuttle collided with a gigantic object while in the void of space, and was destroyed.

The final transmission fro the ship, sent in tandem with their SOS, contained the following words: “…A demon…”

This demon turned towards Earth, drawing near.


・NASA had sent the data gathered on Planet ** off to Professor Yodobashi.

Within this sample of organic matter, there were discovered cells which bore a striking resemblance from those of Godzilla (G-Cells).

The same cells were found in the giant eggs which had crashed down into the jungles of Mikadoroi Island.


・Mount Aso, on the Japanese home island of Kyushu. The dragonfly-shaped aliens which had carried off Little had appeared.

The creatures emitted a steam-like substance from their gaping mouths, surrounding the foothills of the mountain in crystal. Little was also entombed in the same substance.

The world around the volcano had become one of crystal, and there had also appeared a sort of altar made to worship some unknown being.


・Professor Yodobashi’s Deduction.

The demon which was nearing the Earth was none other than a Godzilla which had been born in space. [Space Godzilla]

Up until this point, there had been two chances for the G-cells to be launched out into space.

The granular remains of Biollante (which contained Godzilla’s DNA), who had disappeared after being ground into nothing in the vacuum of space.

The pieces of Godzilla’s flesh that had been brought into space by the ascending Mothra.

The G-cells, which maintained a tenacious life force, had a previously unknown space virus attached to them, spurring on the growth of the cells. Then, these cells were hit by the explosion of a nearby star. The incredible energy surpassed that of a nuclear explosion, and in the vacuum of space, a terrifying monster was born. This was Space Godzilla.


・Suddenly, back where Miki Saegusa was lying unconscious, there appeared a tiny  Mothra the size of the palm of her hand.

This was indeed Mothra, turned into a fairy after her lifeforce had been scattered across space.

Mothra reached out with the voice of the Cosmos. Space Godzilla possessed a raging instinct to conquer, and had already destroyed a number of planets. This time, he was targeting Earth. The G-cells have a homing instinct that could not be overcome. No matter what happened, the monster needed to be stopped before it entered Earth’s atmosphere. If not, Earth would be in danger of being brought to ruin.

Mothra disappeared. Hereafter, the creature would appear in front of Miki numerous times in order to be able to communicate warnings.

It was just like Peter Pan and the fairy Tinkerbelle.


・Gathering together the most cutting edge of technologies, Mechagodzilla F—.

Space Godzilla needed to be stopped, and Mechagodzilla launched into space to do just that.

The fighter plane formation “Mars” was an escort unit made up of the elite of G-Force. Sakura and Doi were two from amongst that formation. (Mars was the Greek god of war.)


・Space Godzilla made his imposing form be known.

It used its wings to fly at rapid speeds, and had evolved horns, a carapace, fangs, and other such violent appendages as a result of its bellicose instincts.

This was a threatening form, more full of rage than Godzilla, more armored.

From his mouth came atomic breath and a beam that could crystallize any matter.

He could truly be called a demon.


・In outer space, Mechagodzilla and Space Godzilla were putting on a grand dog fight.

Using the Mars formation, Sakura, Doi, and G-Force provided covering fire.

However, they could not hope to contend with Space Godzilla.

Mechagodzilla dipped its head, its battle functions spent.

There was nothing to do but retreat.

During the battle, Sakura had ignored orders in order to do some gratuitous grandstanding, and had fallen into danger as a result. Doi, forced to save him, suffered grave injuries for his troubles.

G-Force returned back to Earth.


・Sakura was hit with a suspension from duty.

Doi was hospitalized.

Akiho Ishimaru stayed with Doi as he was hospitalized as much as her limited time would allow.

Seeing that, Sakura surreptitiously backed away.


・Godzilla had made landfall in Fukuoka.

Needing to free Little, he headed towards Mt. Aso, cutting across Kyushu.


・Space Godzilla was storming Earth’s atmosphere. At long last, he arrived at Mt. Aso.

The volcano would become the staging area for his conquering of Earth.

The dragonfly-shaped aliens, symbiotes of Space Godzilla, had been sent in as a sort of vanguard. They had been setting up all that was necessary for their master’s arrival, creating a crystalline lair for him.

The conquering of Earth could not be completed without first taking down the mightiest being on the planet, Godzilla. Space Godzilla’s instincts told him as much.

Then, they had schemed to gain the home field advantage in the coming battle with Godzilla, something they had achieved by kidnapping Little in order to lure in the King of the Monsters.


・Sakura, suffering from a guilty conscience, went to visit the hospitalized Doi.

Conversely, it was Doi who ended up trying to console Sakura, telling him “man, you sure are a troublesome guy, aren’t you?”

Doi, in his own way, felt an incredible responsibility towards Mikadoroi Island. This was because he had been unable to protect Little, who had been kidnapped by the aliens, and had thus caused Godzilla to go into a rage and had led to the failure of Project T.

Subsequently, he had been plagued with doubt. Hadn’t it been too early for on-site experimentation? Additionally, from some time before, he had perceived an undercurrent of secrecy amidst the movements of Vice Commander Oki and Professor Jonan, who had taken the initiative on the project.

Wasn’t this all placing Akiho Ishimaru and Miki Saegusa in undue danger?

And beyond that, the fighter plane Doi had boarded had broken down a number of times. Could this have been an artificial problem?

Doi, unable to leave from his hospital room, found himself more and more taken over by feelings of doubt.

Sakura, having been convinced by Doi, decided to take on the investigation.


・Godzilla had arrived at Aso.

Space Godzilla’s advance guard, the dragonfly aliens, rushed to attack. They were annihilated in a single instant.

Godzilla and Space Godzilla’s battle would be one between the universe’s apex predators.

They grabbed on to each other in a brutal hand-to-hand battle. Their two atomic breaths clash against each other.

Space Godzilla shifted from land to space, attacking Godzilla from far in the heavens.

At the end of the fierce fighting, the two pulled apart in an apparent draw.

Godzilla had rescued Little, and yet had taken on considerable damage in the process.

Space Godzilla disappeared beyond Earth’s atmosphere.


・Still suspended from active duty, Sakura was making progress in his investigation.

Akiho Ishimaru, Miki Saegusa, and Professor Yodobashi were all assisting with the inquiry.

What this brought to the surface was a line that connected Vice Commander Oki, Professor Jonan, certain politicians, and the board of directors of various international concerns.

Project T was being used for the pursuit of profits. If Godzilla could be controlled, cities and nature could be destroyed and redeveloped to one’s satisfaction. The face of the Earth could be remade to fit one’s desires.

Unknown to Akiho Ishimaru and Miki Saegusa, they were being used by a group of conspirators.

According to these conspirators, it would appear that Project T would end in public failure. However, in the shadows, Professor Jonan had schemed to collect as many samples as possible of Miki Saegusa’s telepathic waves, and to put forth an artificial version of the same. In other words, he would use Miki as a human guinea pig.


・At last, the badly hurt Godzilla collapsed.

Little went about strenuously trying to nurse Godzilla back to health, placing water on him and packing earth around him.


・Professor Yodobashi and Akashi Ishimaru were looking through materials at the G-Center when they found proof of the conspiracy.

The enemy side, inferring a crisis, confined Miki Saegusa in Professor Jonan’s laboratory, using her as a hostage. At the same time, Jonan was attempting to forcibly harvest the data of her telepathic waves via his device.

Fairy Mothra appeared, telling Sakura the location where Miki had been imprisoned. Sakura, with a gun stolen from Doi in hand, infiltrated into the laboratory. Breaking through the defenses, he rescues Miki.

The section of G-Force controlled by Vice Commander Oki is just like the Nazi SS. He could not allow Sakura and Miki to escape the laboratory alive, and thus let loose a rain of bullets.

A firefight ensued.

The two were cornered, but were then saved by a single bullet. From the direction of the smoke, the form of Doi, covered in bandages, appeared. “Geez, you really are a trouble-maker, aren’t you? I wish I could say this was only the second time I’ve had to save you!”

The relief troops arrived right behind Doi. They had been convinced to join the fray and guided to the location by Fairy Mothra, Professor Yodobashi, and Akiho Ishimaru.

The conspiracy had been destroyed.


・Space Godzilla had appeared once again, assaulting the localities of the Japanese Peninsula one after another.

Setting up his lair in the city of **, he covered a multitude of modern buildings in crystal. A bizarre world had arisen.


・Sakura’s suspension of duty had been rescinded, and he had been returned to G-Force.

Doi had also left the hospital, having taken down the doctor who had tried to stop him.


・The right strategy for attacking Space Godzilla was being investigated.

Surely Mechagodzilla would not be enough by himself. Could not the strength of Godzilla be used? With this idea in mind, a strategy of using a combined attack with Mechagodzilla and Godzilla came into effect.

In order to carry out the plan, they would need to entice Godzilla out to the battle zone. How would they do that? Should they use Little as a decoy, despite the cold-heartedness necessary to do so? Or perhaps, although it was still at the experimental stage, could they use the strengthening device to send out the waves of Miki’s Saegusa telepathy?


・”There is no need for such secretive planning,” intoned Miki. “Godzilla is already headed towards the battleground. Godzilla knows. If he doesn’t take Space Godzilla down, then someday he shall be taken down himself.”


・Aiming towards the site of a decisive battle, Godzilla, in high spirits, headed directly into the seas.


・”Shall we just leave it to the two of them?” At Professor Yodobashi’s counseling, Sakura embarked on Mechagodzilla, with Doi heading out on Garuda. The ultimate unit, consisting of “Stray Eagle” and “Loose Hawk,” had come together at last.

Professor Yodobashi had secretly reconstructed Mechagodzilla. He then whispered into Sakura and Doi’s ears, telling them of his plan.


・Godzilla makes landfall at ** Harbor.

Mechagodzilla, Garuda, and G-Force head out on a sortie.

They engage Space Godzilla.

In ** City, the final decisive battle had begun.

Godzilla attacks from land and Mechagodzilla from the sky, engaging in a ground-shaking, grand battle with Space Godzilla.

Atomic breath, beams, missiles, a hand-to-hand grappling… it is a truly fierce fight.

Mechagodzilla forces Space Godzilla’s arms behind his back, binding him hand and food with anchors and wires. In that state, he began rising into the sky.

In the cockpit, Sakura set all systems to full throttle.

When Godzilla’s atomic breath blasted forth onto Space Godzilla, the chemical fusion brings forth a magnificent explosion. This was the secret strategy that had been given them by Professor Yodobashi. A dangerous strategy that would turn Mechagodzilla itself into a bomb. The professor had believed that only these two pilots could pull off such a mission.


Having readied Mechagodzilla for the explosion, Sakura needed to bail out, and attempted to transfer over to the Garuda. However, with the destruction brought about by the fierce battle, the connecting route had been blocked off. Doi moved in to rescue Sakura.

Until they could escape, they couldn’t let Godzilla fire off his atomic breath.

Miki Saegusa, using the strengthening device, sent forth her telepathy with all of her strength.

Could Sakura reach Doi’s hand…?

Miki collapsed.

Godzilla let forth his atomic breath.

It hit Mechagodzilla head on. An explosion let out a piercing, vivid light. Space Godzilla was ripped up, scattered into tiny pieces.

On the battlefield, the only being remaining standing was Godzilla.


・Miki came to at the hospital.

In front of her very eyes sat Sakura, smiling. He had been able to safely escape just moments before the explosion. Tears streamed down Miki’s face.

Doi, Akiho Ishimaru, and Professor Yodobashi were all there, too.

Doi pointed at Sakura, saying, “That’s three times I’ve saved him. He really is a troublesome fellow. Take good care of him, Miki.”


・The sea at twilight.

From the cliffs of Mikadoroi Island, Little stares off into the distance.

Off towards the horizon, Godzilla’s silhouette floats up on the sunset.

Together, the two let out a twinned, reverberating roar.